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Written & Photography By  ZANE A. MILLER
The 4th Annual Werk Out Music and Arts Festival September 12-14 at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio this year was
a fantastic experience. Legend Valley having already hosted the Dark Star Jubilee and All Good Festival was ready for
another round of great music. A few thousand fans arrived throughout the weekend for a collection of bands spanning
the genres of rock, electronica, jam, bluegrass, reggae, trance and funk. Music was scheduled until dawn each day,
even the last day, which at most festivals usually end earlier in the evening. Music from 12:00 p.m. through 6:00 a.m.  
A marathon that challenges even the most callused festivalgoer.

From the start of the festival it was clear that the fans were part of a rather tight community.  Everyone seemed to
know somebody and if they didn’t all it took was a “hey, what’s your name” to become a good friend. This was a
very friendly group of people. We had arrived for the same reason and the mindset held a rather high level of
continuity and unity.

Projects flourished throughout the weekend with a horde of live art and installations being constructed all weekend.  
Clans of fire dancers were prevalent everywhere and danced every night until dawn throughout the campgrounds.  
Live artists set up their canvases on the edge of the crowd and painted all weekend long. I found myself completely
blown away by an artist who figured out how to marbleize skin like an artificial tattoo. He wouldn’t tell me the secrets
of his paint, but look out for this guy as he’ll be around. Click the links below for daily reviews and photos.
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