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The 4th Annual Werk Out Music and Arts Festival from September 12-14 at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio.

September 13, 2013

Friday morning started with amazing weather. September is a great month for a festival. A few clouds and mild
temperatures and cold enough to break the jeans out. The campgrounds awakened as people found their way to the
nearest coffee and breakfast to charge up for another day of music. Twelve o’clock rolled about and the music started
back up after only being silent for six hours. Under The Sun started the day off on the small stage with a set that
seemed perfect for the time of day with the right kind of energy to get people grooving. Jaden Carlson Band followed
on the large stage. Not only does this 12-year-old girl play a mean guitar, but she writes her on music. Again, she was
pretty impressive and the fans showed up in force.  

Jazzam was next on the small stage followed be Eminence Ensemble who were joined mid set by Werks guitarist
Chris Houser for some powerful guitar battling with Justin Neely. The day turned to funk with Sassafraz as ten
musicians packed the small stage. This show was infused with jazz and hip-hop. John Brown's Body followed with
some hip-hop infused reggae followed by Dopapod who covered for Roster McCabe due to a scheduling issue.  
Roster McCabe would play later in the evening at MBFP.  Next, I found myself in the MBFP tent for the Big Damn
Jam featuring Johnny Neel of the Allman Brothers. There were so many musicians on that stage that people were
struggling to keep their balance on the edge. Yet, with all the musicians, a clear collaboration was performed.  
It was also nice to see Johnny Neel playing some hot keys.

The night followed the same trend as Thursday and transitioned to jamtronic and EDM. Conspirator, a Disco Biscuits
side project, laid down powerful mirrored synth and guitar riffs that were chased by budstep type tones for what ended
up being incredibly complex EDM style produced via live instruments. Dopapod played their officially scheduled set for
the night and followed suit with the EDM and their own take on the genre. Their set effortlessly merged elements of
R&B, funk and hip-hop drumming styles with EDM, rock, funk, and jazz riffs for a distinctly unique sound all on top of
being improvisational. Their set opened up the aural environment that can be a little stuffy with typical EDM and was
a great transition to The Werks who tend to need the own massive aural space to fit all of their influences.  

The Werks took the stage and immediately jumped into the trends of the evening with their take on jamtronic EDM.  
It was progressive and hard-hitting and the audience loved it. The wind cooperated with the smoke machines and
allowed for lighting designers Jim Dewey to create quite a light show. The addition of lasers and an acrobatic troupe
added to the scene on stage. The genre shifted with special guest Johnny Neel of the Allman Brothers and Jaden
Carlson for a cover of "Rambling Man." It was great and Johnny Neel was burning those keys. Totem poles were
bouncing all night long and the hoopers were spinning wildly on the fringes. The set continued with heavy progressive
rock numbers that transitioned to jamtronic and back.  Midway through their set, members of Dopapod began to join
the stage and trade places with their respective instruments.  It was a seamless transition of minds and if you weren’t
looking you wouldn’t have even known it happened. The Werks took back over as seamlessly as they had left and
continued the set into some great covers. They played “2001” (Phish), “Onslaught” (TOOL) and “Walking on the
Moon” (The Police). The set ended and the audience dispersed after much applause. Many visited their tents for
warmer clothing for the night before the long adventure to dawn.
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Werk Out Music Festival 2013 Day Two: Review & Photos
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Big Jam with Johnny Neel
Eminence Ensemble
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