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The 4th Annual Werk Out Music and Arts Festival from September 12-14 at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio.

September 14, 2013

Saturday morning was another perfect festival morning. This was no Bonnaroo, going to sleep at 5 a.m. and getting
up at 6 a.m. because the sun is so damn hot on the tents. I found myself sleeping till well after 10. Unthinkable at most
summer festivals. The weather was perfect again and the morning routine picked up again for most. A little drowsy,
but nothing a bunch of food and coffee can’t cure, or maybe some hair of the dog via a fresh bloody marry in the
campgrounds. Everyone has his or her festival morning rituals. Some fans chose to nap.

Music started again at 12 p.m. with Jones For Revival and then Bigear. Bigear featured past members of Ekoostik
Hookah, John Mullins and Cliff Starbuck. My history seeing Ekoostik Hookah dates back to 1997 and so it was great
to see these guys on the stage playing some classic Mullins and Cliff tunes from years back. Glostik Willy played a
heavier rock set then most with heavy influences from Primus. They tossed Willy Frisbees into the crowd handfuls at
a time. Kung Fu followed on the large stage, into Aliver Hall, and then long time local favorite psychedelic rock band
Ekoostik Hookah.

Hookah played a tight solid set for their evening slot. Steve Sweney’s beat up Les Paul and Dave Kats keys echoed
through the grounds along with the rest of the band. Sweney’s tone is pretty unique with his melding of pentatonic
and chromatic riffs that hit heavy when they need to. Jahman Brahman produced jams that had an open quality about
them. There was space to breathe between the notes of the compositions and followed nicely after Ekoostik Hookah's
rock set.

The genre then shifted once again to electronica with a String Cheese Incident side project called EOTO with their
merging of analog and digital looping techniques when producing tracks. Their set involved complex loops and beats
that intertwined, rose to the surface and disappeared as songs progressed, leaving the audience wonder what would
come next in these technical bass throbbing arrangements. I could only imagine what this would have been like if
EOTO had their lotus flower light rig. Never the less, the lights were still good. It was very high energy and ambient
at times. Ghost Owl then took over for another set of jamtronic style music. Similar to EOTO in their use of live
instruments, they had however a more ambient tone to their music.

The Werks joined the stage for the third and final time of the weekend. They came out and played with the same high
energy of the two previous nights. Their set started with another progressive melding of genres. Guests appeared
throughout the set starting with Steve Sweney of Ekoostik Hookah playing "Cruel Stone Blues." Later in the set was
the band’s cover of  “No Diggity” with Jason Hann of EOTO / String Cheese Incident and Colin Martin on horns.  
It was excellently funky. Acrobats joined the stage for their addition to the act as the set charged forward blending
classic styles with their new analog interpretations and twists. The set came to an end.  

Fans cheered and posed for a family photo with the band on the stage and then again with the stage crew.  
The Werks thanked the masses for being such a great family while saying that the fans were the reason for
everything. Everyone dispersed once again into the grounds for more warm clothing and more party as the event
raged on until, once again, 6 a.m. featuring a set from Griz and Rumpky Mountain Boys with special guest David Gans.

This was a fantastic festival experience that was very casual, unified, and well organized. I look forward to next year.
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Werk Out Music Festival 2013 Day Three: Review & Photos
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