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The 4th Annual Werk Out Music and Arts Festival from September 12-14 at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio.

September 12, 2013

Thursday started at 4 p.m. with the opening performance of the high-energy jams of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, a
band out of Baltimore, Maryland. The performance was filled with goofy antics that at times felt like early Phish gags.  
They were a great start to what was initially a very rainy early afternoon that threatened the first day of music.  

That Freak Quincy and then Subterranean House Band followed Pigeons and kept the rock and jams flowing
throughout the afternoon. Subterranean House Band featured the original bass player of The Werks.

Then the genre shifted to electronica/EDM as The Manhattan Project took the stage with their cleverly created mixes
of covers and beats. The duo created their mixes through the use of an arsenal of keyboards, synths, and electronic
and acoustic drums.  

Following TMP was Papadosio, a jamtronic quintet, who collided many genres during their set for a popery of music
that continued to elevate the energy of the audience.  Up Until Now followed with hard-hitting techno created by solo
DJ Jay Murphy. Jay was given an extended set on the small stage while the technical team waited for a slight rain to
pass. The fans openly accepted the rain.  

Next, after the short rain delay, was The Werks, in their first of three headlining performance throughout the weekend.  
Their set went much like I predicted for a first night of a festival. The wind blew against the band as the smoke
machines poured out huge amounts of smoke creating the illusion of a band rushing through the clouds. The Werks
laid down a high-energy rock set with a few surprises.

The first surprise was Jaden Carlson. The 12-year-old year from Colorado murdered the guitar. It was like watching
a young Derek Trucks play with The Allman Brothers at age 12. The audience was floored. Later on in the set,
The Werks were joined by Chuck Love, the original bass player for a song. The set raged on with progressive rock
riffs being twisted together with blues and folk until after midnight.

Fans dispersed throughout the campgrounds, which in this case were inside the venue. It was a BYOB scenario and
there really isn’t a scenario much better than walking back to your tent a hundred yards away for a beer and food while
still being able to listen to the main stage music. "Casual" is the word for this festival, but I digress.

Fans had options at this point.  Food? Beer? More music? I went for all three and eventually found my way with my
neighbors to My Best Friends Party (MBFP)’s SimbaLove Productions Stage at the back of the venue. There the party
went on all night long and for the toughest of festival goers ended around 6 a.m.  At 2 or 3 a.m. I found myself
wandering the grounds, meeting people on my way to the small stage for some late night bluegrass from The New Old
Calary who were scheduled to play until, "question mark."  There is something nice about bluegrass in the middle of
the night.  Eventually I wandered back to MBFP where I found myself staring at a projector screen playing
200 Motels,
a surrealist film by Frank Zappa. It was like a bug lamp for many fans perplexed by the bizarre scenes in front of them.  
Time to go to bed.
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Werk Out Music Festival 2013 Day One: Review & Photos
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The New Old Cavalry
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
That Freak Quincy
The Manhattan Project
The Subterranean House Band
The Werks