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Tear Out The Heart : Dead, Everywhere (Victory Records)
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Out Of The Blue
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Review By SKYLAR McENTIRE  |  February 8, 2015
Tyler Konersman: Vocals
Josh Spohr: Guitar
Matthieu Murphy: Guitar
Isaac Etter: Bass/Vocals
Matt Epstein: Drums

This is a band that I’d heard more and more people talking about in the last year or so, but I never got around to
checking them out. After listening to this album, I can see why people are talking about Tear Out The Heart!
The first thing that I loved about this album was how well the synth/sample work is done. Anymore it seems like a
crutch for bands in their genre is to rely on them making the scene with over-saturated with electronic sounds rather
than music; however, they used them very well and not over-excessively by any means. The sheer heaviness of this
album made it difficult for me to sit still even my first time listening through. It’s just a great album to jump around and
get crazy to. The number one thing that struck as great though was their blend of screams, cleans and gang vocals.
The vocals of Konersman and Etter contrast and compliment each other very well making for a great mix. After all,
who doesn’t love some big open gang vocals to drive it all home!? Needless to say, this is definitely a band I’m
kicking myself for not listening to sooner.

For Fans Of: Beartooth, Bring Me The Horizon, Secrets, Of Mice & Men