Skylar McEntire
Out Of The Blue
Contributing Writer

My name is Skylar McEntire, 26, born and raised in Marion, Ohio. Growing up my
family was very musically involved; someone was always playing something at any
given time. I picked up piano first, then moved to drums and have been playing them
ever since. I graduated from River Valley High School in 2007 while playing drums
for anything I possibly could for school groups. I went on to earn my Bachelors of
English from The Ohio State University in 2012. Since high school, I have played in
multiple bands. My last serious band was Everyone Leaves which I ironically left
nearly a year ago now. They signed to Little Heart Records recently and I couldn’t be
more proud of them. I’m in the process of forming a new band, but we are still
searching for the right member(s). For now, I’m very excited to be able to combine
my love for music and writing into one cohesive form!