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RED : of Beauty and Rage (Sony Records)
Release Date: February 24, 2015
Out Of The Blue
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Review By SKYLAR McENTIRE  |  February 3, 2015
Michael Barnes – Lead vocals
Anthony Armstrong – Lead/Rhythm Guitars, backing vocals
Randy Armstrong – Bass, keyboards, backing vocals

Nashville’s three piece Christian rock band RED is set to release it's fifth studio album
of Beauty and Rage this month.
I will admit this is another band whose name I’d heard thrown around countless times but never got around to checking
them out (partially because of their genre being religious). With that aside, this album certainly brings a lot to the table.
Barnes’ deeply emotional and moving vocals definitely create the mood of the album along with Armstrong’s ambient
keyboard parts. Being a drummer, I had seen videos of their previous touring drummers since the band does not have
a permanent drummer and I was completely blown away by the sheer driving force of their drumming without
overpowering the rest of the band, which is very easy to do in hard rock. The guitars and bass create a solid
foundation for the album while the vocals and keyboards send it totally over the edge making you wonder what the
next verse or chorus will bring as the song progresses and builds. Overall, I expect this album to do very well upon
its release and am positive they will have great success in their upcoming tour to promote this release.

For fans of: Skillet, 10 Years, Breaking Benjamin, Pillar