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All That Remains : The Order Of Things (Razor & Tie Records)
Release Date: February 24, 2015
Out Of The Blue
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Review By SKYLAR McENTIRE  |  February 18, 2015
Phil Labonte — Vocals
Oli Herbert — Guitar
Mike Martin — Guitar
Jeanne Sagan — Bass
Jason Costa — Drums

Right off the bat I have to say that fans of the band’s older material will be very pleased with this upcoming release.
While it is no
The Fall of Ideals as some were hoping, it should definitely generate a better response from their fan
base than their last release
A War You Cannot Win. The album begins with an elegant piano track which builds into
“This Probably Won’t End Well” which has been getting a fairly large amount of radio play in preparation for the
release. Being a drummer I’ve always enjoyed Costa’s drumming on every album they’ve released with him behind the
kit, especially this. The main thing that made me drop what I was doing was the effectiveness of Sagan’s use of clean
backing vocals rather than her growls and screams. Fret not, guitarists; Herbert and Martin are right back at it again
with some driving main riffs, brutal breakdowns, and truly epic solos that still make them a force to be reckoned with.
If I compared this album to any of their other releases, I’d say it has the heaviness of
...For We Are Many with the
bright, clean polished sound of
Overcome. Part of this is their choice to go with a different producer. ATR's last four
releases have gone through Adam D of Killswitch Engage; while this time they went with Josh Wilbur, who has also
produced releases by Gojira and Lamb of God. Two tracks that really stood out to me on this release were
“Pernicious” and “Tru-Kvlt-Metal,” mainly for their change in dynamics.

For fans of: Shadows Fall, Bullet for My Valentine, As I Lay Dying