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By ZAC TENNAR/SH3K (SINthetichead3000)   
Published: December 16, 2010
SINtheticEDITS: Non-mainstream Top 25 of 21st Century
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It would seem that this world we
live and our way of life in general is
undergoing a good share of
transitional phases. This is true
whether you're talking about politics,
evolution, religion, or even our ever
increasing breakthroughs in global
communication--along with finding
and developing efficient means of
utilizing free energy, to say the least.

We're definitely on a universal brink
(or shift) of some sort and I for one
am all for it (good or ill), but in order
to accept these changes at hand,
one may in fact find that they may have to readjust their musical tastes and tolerances a bit. I know I do.
One may feel the need to do this for a number of reasons.

Some of the reasons may simply be because someone wants to be able to open themselves up to the
real world a little more perhaps, and expand their perceptual awareness regarding the age at hand, as
well as learning to allow oneself to become a little bit more open and aligned with truth as opposed to
entertainment/media fantasy, pseudo-reality.

Such knowledge is rarely expressed in mainstream music and if it is, it gets limited play. Mainstream
music isn't designed to inform or even educate at all. It's merely a product designed to appeal (and
over-ride) the most basic and easily manipulated human senses and responses. Put simply, it's an
inhibitor or even something of a distraction.

If you're like me and you want your music truly original, genuine and informative--not to mention fully
able to pierce and speak to your soul--then you've probably done your share of dabbling in the
underground as well.

The most wonderful and triumphant thing that underground music has been able to do and do well for
years, is preserve and express nothing but the raw, unaltered truth.

I personally feel that any and pretty much all forms of mainstream music--incuding pop culture in
general--in this day in age, has pretty much reached a period of decay and loss of truth and relevance
(as well as that much needed soul-felt appeal). So I like any true artist with taste and willingness to
explore, have remained anchored to the underground world of what I feel is some of the most truly
groundbreaking musical creations and artists that this world will ever know. And because of that, I have
decided to compile a list of what I personally feel is the "Top 25 Underground Artists and Albums of
The 21st Century." Each come highly recommended and you won't be disappointed.

1.Cage (albums:
Hells Winter & Depart From Me)
2.Peeping Tom (
Peeping Tom ft. Mike Patton, Kool Keith)
3.Immortal Technique (
Revolutionary Vol. 2 & The 3rd World)
4.Saul Williams (
Amethyst Rockstar, self titled & The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust)
5.Camu Tao (
King of Hearts)
6.Luke Vibert (
We Hear You)
7.Meat Beat Manifesto (
Subliminal Sandwich & Actual Sounds and Voices)
8.How to Destroy Angels (self-titled EP)
9.Mr. Bungle (
10.Ministry (
The Last Sucker)
11.El-P (
Fantastic Damage & I'll Sleep When You're Dead)
12.Mr. Lif (
Emergency Rations, Mo' Mega, I Heard it Today)
13.Akrobatik (
Absolute Value)
14.Lovage (
Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By)
15.Nine Inch Nails (
Year Zero & With Teeth)
16.Peaches (
Fatherfucker & I Feel Cream)
17.Puscifer (
V is for Vagina & V is for Viagra the remixes)
18.Sage Francis (
A Healthy Distrust)
19.Yak Ballz (
Scifentology II)
20.Aesop Rock (
None Shall Pass)
21.Does it Offend You, Yeah? (
You Have No Idea What Your Getting Into)
22.Beastie Boys (
Hello, Nasty & To The 5 Burroughs)
23.KRS-1 (
The Sneak Attack, Spiritual Minded, Keep Right, Life & Hip Hop Lives)
24.Public Enemy (
New Whirl Odor & Rebirth of a Nation)
25.Dead Prez (
Pulse of the People)