Zac Tennar

My name is Zac Tennar (aka Pisces Dionysus aka
SINtheticHead3000). I am a 33-year-old, proud father of three,
and a lover of art and creationism (and all that it entails).
I'm a creative writer, emcee, and multi-talented artist who isn't happy
unless I'm putting my talents to use in some constructive way or
another. I habitually critique society, but what can I say? I guess you
could say I'll run out of punchlines when you kids stop standin in em,
and on that note: I have a strong distaste for pop culture. So lemme
break it down for ya. Celebrities are a particular type of tormented
people who get paid to package their misery and sell it to the
children and adults as a liberating lifestyle choice. These trends are
sold as "expressions of True Self", thus creating primal amnesia,
and redirecting their life path to an addiction to happiness products;
mentally trapped behind the ideological delusions they have willingly
over-exposed themselves to. Simplistically, I'm a natural informant,
non-conformist philosophical junkie with a passion for deciphering
illusions and pseudo reality, that only exist to distract, misinform, and
program (or brainwash...whichever you prefer). Aside from my
passions. I like to think of myself as a simple guy who believes in a
better world, and I do what I do to simply try and help make that world
a reality. I'm a compassionate individual despite my somewhat
brutal perspectives on this world we live in. I respect people more
than I let on and even have an infinite degree of understanding
for the human condition. Nothing really shocks me anymore.
Contributing Blogger
Out Of The Blue