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Published: September 17, 2010
Electro-punk-rock sensations return with fifth album
Although there may be a lot of people out there who aren't familiar with Tub Ring, the
experimental punk-rock band has been causing quite a stir in the music scene. Since
releasing their first album in 2001, the Chicago-based band has released five full length
albums and has toured all over the country. I was able to catch up with Kevin Gibson (vocals)
and Rob Kleiner (keyboards) before their recent show at the Mad Hatter in Covington, KY to
talk about the band's new album
Secret Handshakes.

OOTB: So, tonight is the last show of your 'lil week long Midwest tour, how have the
shows been going?
Kevin: Really good. It's good to be out again, its been awhile. It's nice after having a year and a
half off to be back.

OOTB: Has it really been that long?
Rob: Yeah, we were working on the new album for awhile. A little bit of a hiatus.

OOTB: Does Tub Ring have any more upcoming tour plans for the rest of the year
or into next year?
Kevin: Nothing planned right now but I'm sure we will. We're still debating what our next move
is going to be.

OOTB: The band's new album Secret Handshakes came out Aug. 31, what can you
tell us about that?
Kevin: It's our best album. We're excited to finally have it out. We've been working on it for
Rob: Yeah, it's definitely our best album. I guess we're biased just by always thinking our
newest stuff is the best, but this one really is our best. I don't know how else to put it.There is
no way to convince you without  you hearing it!

OOTB: What was the writing process like for this new album?
Rob: We were writing it for awhile. This is the first record that we produced ourselves 100
percent. So it was cool that we didn't really have to go into other studios to do it, now that we
have our own studio to record at. We kind of wrote, recorded and produced kind of all at the
same time. And we got to take our time. I think when you're talking about making a record, the
more time you can put into it, the better it's going to end up sounding. But we never had to rush
anything. We got to do stuff and redo it until we were happy. Writing it was fun. It was easier
than writing some of our other records I would say.

OOTB: What can fans expect when seeing Tub Ring live?
Rob: Expect the unexpected! Hopefully something energetic and fun like we always do.

OOTB: Do you think your music is more accessible being on The End Records?
Kevin: Being signed didn't affect us. They never really gave us any input. In fact on our last
album they asked us to make it weirder. They really had no problem with whatever we did.
Rob: It's more accessible now probably, but it didn't have anything to do with being on a label.
That never really factors into it with us.

OOTB: What's the best thing about being in Tub Ring?
Rob: Hopefully being able to make music that people like. I like hearing compliments!
Kevin: When people enjoy, it gives us reason to keep going. We're kind of a small band so it's
still a struggle after all this time. When people appreciate it, makes it worth it.

OOTB: With the new album out, are there any immediate plans for Tub Ring?
Rob: A remix album is in the works.
Kevin: Probably a bigger web presence. We'll start working on that. Its kind of the way to go
now too. We used to just tour nine months out of the year. Now we can go back and forth, do
some tours and do some Internet stuff. Plus, I can save my voice.

Aside from performing dates with Tub Ring, both Kleiner and Gibson will continue select live
shows for their arcade-inspired indie-pop band
Super 8-Bit Brothers.

Kleiner's song
"What Part of Forever" was recently recorded by Cee-Lo Green (Gnarles
Barkley) for
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack.
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Secret Handshakes
(The End Records, 2010)

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An interview with Tub Ring's Kevin Gibson and Rob Kleiner
Out Of The Blue
Tub Ring's album Secret Handshakes recently released and includes a cover of Queen's "Flash."  Photo By Lenny Gilmore.
Album cover for Tub Ring's fifth full-length
studio album,
Secret Handshakes.
Image provided by publicity.