Mike Durian
Contributing Writer

I'm 34, known by most of my music peers as PunkNiteMike, and I am
a local promoter and avid music fan from a small town in Ohio. I have
been involved with music and the music scene in one way or another
for the past 15 years. This includes doing a fanzine called Screaming
Kat on one of my favorite bands Babes in Toyland, going on tour with
bands I was friends with like Girlush Figure & Broadzilla, and of
course booking & promoting my Punk Nite shows that I started.

My first concert EVER was Nirvana back in 1993 and it was a life
changing experience and I haven't stopped going to shows &
concerts since then. Music is a passion of mine and being involved
with OOTB will hopefully take my knowledge and experience
in the music scene to the next level.
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