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Interview: Straight Line Stitch, Alexis Brown
Alexis talks touring, singing, plans and "the fight"
Straight Line Stitch is no stranger to the metal scene. Hailing from
Knoxville,Tenn. they have been recording quality albums and rocking
audiences since 2000. But it wasn't until vocalist Alexis Brown joined the band
in 2003 that Straight Line Stitch became a regular touring band. You can
definitely call the band road warriors as they tour all the time. Brown mixes
styles of screaming and heartfelt singing that make the sound of Straight Line
Stitch quite unique. But let me tell ya, their sound really shows that they can
hold their own.

Straight Line Stitch released their latest album
The Fight of Our Lives (E1
Music) last March and they are still out on the road supporting it. I was able to
catch up with vocalist Alexis Brown prior to their show in Dayton for a little

How is the current tour going so far?
Alexis: Its going good. Its definitely a longer run as we're out this time for two
months, which is kind of hard. But I'm having a good time and its been a fun
tour so far.

When it comes to touring, it seems as though you guys are road
warriors. Why is that?
Alexis: I feel like you have to, especially with us. I feel like we have always had
that intense work ethic. And I feel if you're not touring, what are your doing?
Especially if you're not in the studio recording.

What would you say is the best thing about touring?
Alexis: The best thing about touring is traveling and meeting different people.
Even coming back to old spots like McGuffy's that we have played before.
We've played here with 36 Crazyfists and Kittie in the past. When we first
came here we were an opening band and here we are, a year later and we are
headlining. It's pretty awesome!

Straight Line Stitch has played with a lot of high profile bands, do you
prefer to headline or open?
Alexis: Personally, I feel like its more of a challenge when you're opening up.
I like opening because it's a shorter set. Thats always good cause I get tired.
It's like you have to win the crowd over and that's always cool for me being a
challenge. I have to really push it. When you're the headlining band, we know
people are coming to see us. So we can just relax and chill. I like to open more.

What kinds of things do you like to do if you happen to have a day off?
Alexis: I like to sleep. It recharges my battery and I feel better when I sleep.
I like to get some reading done, I read a lot. Just mostly I try to relax as much
as possible.

Have you always wanted to sing in a metal band?
Alexis: I have always wanted to sing period. I started out wanting to be an R&B
singer, but that was my old dream and nobody else could tell me different. It
was my older brother who got me into bands like Pantera and Korn. And I
used to give him crap for listening to stuff like that. But the irony of it is, I fell in
love with the band Korn and realized this is what I want to do. I sort of just fell
into the genre. I loved it and felt like I related more to it. I pretty much was just
like, "I'm going to get a band." And I just went and tried to find members and
here I am.

You have quite the unique voice with both screaming and melodic
singing, did you have any vocal training?
Alexis: I really don't find any difference to me than anybody else. But as far as
vocal training, I was pretty much screaming before we got signed. I locked
myself in my room with a little practice amp and screamed my brains out.
When we got signed and did the first record, they sent me to Melissa Cross.
She moreso helped me more with notes. That's been the only formal training
that I've had.

What is the meaning behind the title of your latest album, The Fight of
Our Lives
Alexis: Anything that is worth having is worth fighting for. I guess the album is a
statement album just letting people know this is more than what people think it
is. People think we're out there having the time of our life out there, which we
are. But it's still work! You have to fight, because everyday you wake up there
is a new band. There is always somebody willing to take your spot. And the
challenge to get to where you want to be ultimately. It's a fight! And you got to
be prepared for the fight and this album is a testament to that.

How have your audience's response been to you playing songs off your
latest album?
Alexis: It's cool cause they know the words. To me it's always humbling when
you play a show and they know the words better than I do.

What kind of plans does the band have for the rest of the year?
Alexis: We are going to continue to tour relentlessly. I hope I survive it! And I
hope we are in the studio no later than by the end of the year. Definitely want
to write some quality music, so I don't know how long it's going to take. I don't
want to rush the process. Just continue to write, continue to tour and hopefully
get back into the studio.

Catch Straight Line Stitch currently out on the road now with Blameshift.
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Straight Line Stitch is currently touring with Blameshift on the Never Sleep Again
Tour throughout the month of June.
Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB.
Alexis Brown, vocalist of Straight Line Stitch, performing at the annual Rockstar
Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.
Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB.
Straight Line Stitch can be found throughout the web. Connect with the band:
Facebook, Twitter, Website. Photo By Jared Perkins, OOTB.