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Published: August 30, 2010
DevilDriver stay true to its metal foundation,
set to release 'heaviest record yet' early 2011
Jeff: It's just fun, we have a great time! I think the cool thing is you never do the same thing.
Like you go on tour here, then you go on tour in Europe, or you're on tour here, then you're
doing an Ozzfest, then you play here the next day. It's a bunch of different things, it's never
really the same thing. Plus you get to do what you want to do in life which is this, playing
music. It's all about the music and having a great time.

OOTB: What motivates you to give 100 percent each night when you go on stage?
DD: I would probably have a hard time not giving 100 percent. It's kind of what you do and
everyone takes it seriously. I don't like to do things half-assed! We give it our all cause that's
what we like to do.

OOTB: Is it true that the Alrosa Villa here in Columbus was your first show ever?
DD: Yeah, it's pretty interesting. We had never played a show as a band before we went on
tour. So we did a record, rehearsed, wrote the album and then drove across the country in
October 2003 and played our first show here with Superjoint Ritual. So yeah, it holds that
interesting element and obviously other elements we don't need to discuss. We always have
a good show here but its always kinda weird.

OOTB: Does Alrosa Villa give ya any good or bad memories?
DD: Well, just the whole tragedy that happened here. We'll never escape it. Every time I
come here I always think about it. We have a great time and just treat it like any other show.
But it is a little bit different. I mean Dimebag was my favorite guitarist ever! There will never be
anybody to walk this earth to fill his void for what he did. He's the greatest. Nobody can touch
that guy. Period!

OOTB: Do you think your U.S. audiences are more receptive to your music than
your audiences overseas?
DD: It's varied. I think its pretty good everywhere to be honest. I think some places it's a little
bit different like when you go to Australia, 'cause you can't tour Australia three times a year.
We were lucky to go twice in a year. So it's crazy there when we go. It's kind of the nature of
what they're used to as far as music . And just opportunities to see bands live. But really,
they're great everywhere we go and people are really into the band.

OOTB: What can you tell us about your upcoming fifth album and when can fans
expect it?
DD: It's going to be out in February. I think its the best record the band has ever done. We did
a record that came out in July 2009 called P
ray for Villains and then we went in April 2010 and
did a brand new record, which is only like seven months. So we're dropping two records
about 17 months apart, to the month. Not tour for 18 months, then come off and do a new
record. Its like a record comes out and the next one just drops right away.

OOTB: What kind of sound can your fans expect from the upcoming album?
DD: I think its going to be the heaviest record yet. I think the production is going to be the best.
I think its going to be the best of all worlds.

OOTB: How is the writing process different for DevilDriver since Evan Pitts left?
DD: Evan did a lot of the writing on the first album, but John Boecklin [drums] and I did
write a bunch of stuff too. It's kind of interesting as we get together at Mike Spreitzer's [Pitts'
replacement on guitar] house and write everything on computers. We don't really jam
together as a band to write music. We do sometimes but mostly we write on the computer,
that's how we put the music together. Its changed in that now it's a more collaborative effort. I
think you can tell as our records have progressively got better and better and better.

OOTB: What is upcoming for DevilDriver in the immediate future?
DD: Touring, time off, album release, more touring, some time off, its the same stuff. We
actually have most of the fall off and we'll be taking a break right before the record drops.
Then we'll be ready to hit the road again.

Before releasing the album next year, DD will continue across the states and tour Europe
starting in November. In the meantime, fans can watch chapters as released of a 25-part
DVD series documenting DevilDriver on and off the stage, posted on the band's
Web site.
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If you aren't familiar with DevilDriver, they live by
the motto: 'work hard, rock harder, and kick as
many asses as possible in the process.'

Since forming in 2002, the metal band has
earned the respect of their music peers by
touring relentlessly, their intense live shows
and the band's poise to forge its own sound
working from the bottom up.

I got the opportunity to speak with guitarist
Jeff Kendrick prior to the California-based
band's recent show in Columbus at Alrosa Villa
about touring and their upcoming new album.

OOTB: What do you think contributes to the
success of DevilDriver?
Jeff: I think that we've managed to put out some
pretty solid records as far as metal goes. I think
we've stayed true to what we started out doing
many years ago.

OOTB: You've been together seven years?
Jeff: Like eight or nine years so we're getting up
there. We tour a lot and [have] a lot of luck.
We kind of have everything aligned for us, it's
good. We're doing well.

OOTB: What is the best part about being
out on the road?
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Pray for Villains
(Roadrunner, 2009)

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DevilDriver's Jeff Kendrick at Ozzfest 2007
in Columbus.
Photo by Neil Shumate, OOTB.
An interview with guitarist Jeff Kendrick
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Dez Fafara (vocals)
Mike Spreitzer (guitar)
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