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Written By Jared Perkins
Published: June 15, 2012
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With an opening line like, “This is what I know about sacrifice. Meet me at the
crossroads. Let's go,” the June 19 release from Epitaph Records artist The
Ghost Inside (vocalist Jonathan Vigil, lead guitar and backing vocalist Aaron
Brooks, rhythm guitarist Zach Johnson, bass and backing vocalist Jim Riley, and
drummer Andrew Tkaczyk) entitled
Get What You Give is an album that fans of
hardcore surely can't pass up.  

Produced by A Day To Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon,
Get What You
has a similar sound to Fury and the Fallen Ones and Returners, the band’s
previous releases, but also has a somewhat more refined and polished sound.   

For me, personally, this record is the first CD worth actually going out and
buying a hard copy that I’ve heard in a very long time. Upon the second listen of
the album, I found myself already singing along on the chorus and rocking out,
probably harder than I should have been in the car.  

The breakdowns pound their way through your head and then the catchy hooks
make sure the album wont be leaving your thoughts any time soon. There is no
shortage of battle cries and chest beating with songs such as "Engine 45" in
which the chorus is as follows: “If it’s a war you came to see you will never see a
waved white flag in front of me. I can’t end up dead I wont be mislead. I just keep
singing this song inside my head.”   

The band also didn’t shy away from melody and feeling either. Listening to this
album I could almost feel the pain that really inspired some of these songs. One
of the most touching songs on the album is "White Horse," which was written for
the vocalist’s younger brother who died two years ago. “I hope this made you
proud of me so this song was made for those who hurt like me.”

This California quintet has shown that once again they are truly a force to be
reckoned with.        


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Band: The Ghost Inside
Album: Get What You Give (Epitaph Records)
Location: Los Angeles, Calif.
Genre: Melodic Metal