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Published: September 6, 2011
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Burn Halo’s sophomore effort picks up where they left off. With a few lineup
changes in the group, Burn Halo is better than ever. Lead singer James Heart's
energy is more balanced, making his vocals flow much better. The songs are
longer and more developed. The only downside is that the lyrics aren't as
catchy. Opening tack, "Tear It Down," almost sounds like a classic Avenged
Sevenfold track. This song just really just ignites the room when it is played.

The album title sounds like a throwback to Heart’s previous band, Eighteen
Visions. "Stuck In Rut" also puts the emphases: “Walked through the open, but
I’ve been this way before, stuck in the middle of the rut, and I gotta find a way to
get outta here.” Of course these are just pure speculations.

There aren’t many ballads on this album. This is a good thing because Burn
Halo’s strength is rocking out. Longer tracks and less of the metalcore stuff.
Burn Halo stands much stronger as a hard band. They have found their sound.

Burn Halo is now on tour and will stop Sept. 24 in Columbus, Ohio at Alrosa.

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Band: Burn Halo
Album: Up From The Ashes (Rawkhead)
Location: California
Genre: Hard Rock