By NEIL SHUMATE   Published: May 20, 2011  Updated: May 21, 2011
Rock On The Range bands and fans ready to roll
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Press photo by Silent Shudder Photography
The weekend that many have been waiting for since last year has arrived: Rock On The
Range 2011. Thousands of fans are expected to gather at Columbus Crew Stadium on
Saturday and Sunday to mosh, head bang and party along with the live music of more than
40 rock and metal bands on three separate stages. Last year the event set an attendance
record of 60,000, breaking the past 30,000 attendee mark. This year’s field tickets and
packages have sold out, but weekend general admission stadium seating and single-day
stadium tickets are available. Celebrating it’s fifth anniversary, ROTR will kick off tonight at
7 p.m. with a pre-party featuring Red Line Chemistry, Lez Zeppelin, Danko Jones and Steel
Panther. Some of the ROTR performing bands spoke to Out Of The Blue this week.
Full interviews will be published in our next magazine, coming late this summer.

7th Cycle: Dustin Grove (lead vocalist) Sun. May 22 Jager Stage at 11:30 a.m.

Have you attended ROTR in the past?
I attended ROTR before and it is a great show. The years I went I thought Papa Roach stole
the show. I hope people leave our set thinking the same thing!

Anything you’d like to add about this weekend?
The great thing about playing this show is I am both a fan and an entertainer. We get to walk
around and watch the other bands. Plus we get to play to the same crowd! It's an amazing

All That Remains: Mike Martin (rhythm guitar) Sun. May 22  Main Stage at 3:05 p.m.

press list that day and we had like 18 interviews, I couldn't believe it. It's one of those press
tents you to in and you get sent around to like 20 different radio stations, so it kind of made
me feel important. It was definitely a busy day.

Behind the scenes do you guys get some time to hang out with the other band
Yeah, festivals like that are good in both ways. It’s kind of like a reunion with tons of friends
that you’ve toured with over the years and you also meet a ton of new bands that you’ve never
even met before, so it’s just a big summer camp kind of vibe. Like any festival, you’re going to
bump into a lot of people that you know and meet a bunch of new cool people. It’s pretty

Asking Alexandria: Ben Bruce (lead guitar) Sat. May 21 F.Y.E. Stage at 1:20 p.m.

Cavo: Casey Walker (lead vocals) Sun. May 22 F.Y.E. Stage at 2:30 p.m.

Trust Company: Jason Singleton (drums) Sat. May 21 F.Y.E. Stage at 12:10 p.m.
What would you like to say about winning
the ROTR local Battle Of The Bands?
Winning the BOTB was an amazing feeling! It
accomplishes a lot of things for us. The
validation and exposure alone are worth the hill
we had to climb to get to this point. Beating
29 other bands was not an easy task.

Has your band developed a set list?
We have our set planned out. The only thing is,
we are toying with a slight change in it. Not quite
sure if we will make the change or not. I think it
will be a game time decision! We will just have
to see what the crowd is doing.
This will be your band’s second time at
Rock On The Range, but the first time on
main stage?
Yeah, we did it in 2009. It was one of the better
shows that we ever played. It’ll be our first time
on the mainstage, that’s for sure.

What stood out to you at Rock On The
Range compared to the other tours you’ve
been on and headlined?
Rock On The Range was cool. Getting through
all the press the day of Rock On The Range
definitely stood out. I remember looking at the
Press photo by Justin Borucki
This is your band’s debut at Rock On The
Range. What can fans and first timers of
seeing your live show expect?
Mayhem! Crazy amounts of energy, a lot of
crowd participation and just a great time in

Has the band decided on a set list?
We don't have a full list yet but we will definitely
be playing a mixture of old and new songs.
What’s next for you guys after Rock On The Range?
Festivals all across Europe such as Download and Rock Am Ring, which we are really
excited about.
This will be your band's second time at
Rock On The Range?
We played it our first year, which was I think
two years ago. Maybe even three. It was our
first year of touring and it was one of our first
shows. We were only touring about a month or
so. It was quite a trip.

Do you have a set list planned for this
show or are you still kind of working it out?
Yeah, we’ve got a set list planned. I think we’re
doing like a half hour set, which is about seven
songs. We’re playing four old songs and three
brand new songs, so people will get a taste of
the new album.
What can fans and people that haven’t seen you live yet expect this weekend?
A lot of energy. We've toured with a bunch of band’s out there and one thing that we've
always kind of been known for in my opinion is just that it’s not a set stage, it’s not a set
choreography, we just kind of get up there and play rock and roll the way the greats did back
in the day. I’m not saying that we’re those guys or that we’re close to like Led Zeppelin or
something like that, but we’re just four guys with four instruments getting up there and doing
the best we can at something and putting our heart and soul into it and seeing people really
reacting to it.
You guys getting excited for this weekend?
Absolutely, man. Anytime you get to do a big
festival like this, where we get to play with
bands that we've played with on tour before,
bands like Korn, it’s always cool to kind of
reconnect with those guys and of course see
some of the bands that you haven’t seen.
Band’s like A Perfect Circle and Avenged
Sevenfold, bands like that, we’re pretty excited
about seeing them.

It’s probably been some time since you
played Columbus? Was the last time the
tour with Flyleaf and Static-X?
You know, I don’t even know the last time we
played Columbus, Ohio. If I had to guess we
may have rolled through with Papa Roach
when we released our second record. It’s been
awhile. That would have been like 2005, so it’s
been about six years.

Are there going to be some new and old
songs on your Rock On The Range set?
Yeah, we were just rehearsing yesterday and
trying to figure out how many songs we were
going to do. I think we’re only going to get to play seven songs and of those seven I think at
least three are gonna be new. Four old, three new. We’re just gonna blast right through’em
because we’re trying to cram in as much as possible in a half hour. These type of festivals,
you go on on time and you come off on time, it’s a very tight operation. And that’s kind of good
because it treats all the bands equally and no one’s having to cut their set because someone
went over and we always operate that way anyway. We’re going to get as much music in
there for our fans as quick as possible. Then we have a little bit of press to do afterwards and
most likely we’re gonna be mingling in the crowd watching some of the other bands, so it’s a
very good possibility that if people know what we look like, that they’re going to run into us.
We’re a fairly normal looking band, we don’t wear costumes or anything like that, we kind of
blend in.  We’re going to be out amongst them, so they might wanna keep an eye out!

What would you say fans and first timers can expect from your live performance?
Energy, energy, energy. We’re just going to give it as much as we can. I think that’s one thing
that our fans have always appreciated about us. No matter what, we can all be on our death
beds and be sick and complaining about not feeling good, but the second that we hit the
stage, it’s 110 percent. No matter what we give them everything we have, even if we’re
walking off stage puking in buckets, and that has actually happened. That’s the one thing
we've really kind of pride ourselves on, is just going out there and giving it every ounce of
energy we have and I think our fans connect with that. And it definitely helps and it rocks
when they give it back to us. It makes for a great show.

Finger 11: Rick Jackett (guitar) Sat. May 21 Main Stage at 12:45 p.m.
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This is the third time you’ll be performing
at Rock On The Range?
Yeah, we did it the year Stone Temple Pilots
reunited, two or three years ago. And last year
they threw Rock On The Range on in Canada
as well and we played up there with Three
Days Grace.

What’s the vibe like for you guys at ROTR?
I love the festivals. Everybody always agrees
that one of the best things about being a
touring rock band is the summer time and the
summer festivals. It’s a great chance for bands
who don’t normally don’t get to play together to
get on the same bill and meet backstage and
there’s always a great atmosphere at those
places. It’s always fun.
What’s your favorite song to perform live?
It’s funny because for me, my favorite song to play live is “Paralyzer.” For me as a musical
piece I love playing the part, it’s a really fun song to play and the reaction from the crowd is
just out of this world. So, it’s really one of those great moments that I look forward to every
night on stage.

What are some other songs fans can expect to hear?
We haven’t thought about it. We usually think of the set list the day of the show. But for the
most part we tend to stick to songs that have been out there and people have responded to,
so we try to put whatever hits we have in the set. We put a new record out in October so
there will be new songs as well.

What are some band’s you’re looking forward to seeing? I’m sure you’ve seen most of
them by now after being together and touring for more than 20 years!
The one band that we’re really looking forward to seeing is Korn. That’s the one band that we
haven’t toured with over the years and I’m fan of. So, I’m excited to see them play. I’ve never
seen Avenged Sevenfold live either so I’m exited to see both those bands.

What can fans expect when they see your live show?
You can expect everything we have to be given to you. And that’s all we can do!

My Darkest Days: Sal COZ Costa (guitar, backing vocals)
You guys all ready for Rock On The Range?
First Rock On The Range! We’re totally
excited man.

Do you have your set planned?
Every show we kind of just change it up. We’ll
see how we feel the day of the show.

What bands are you looking forward to
seeing this year?
Really, honestly, everybody. The lineup this
year is amazing. We’re fans of all the bands playing. We want to see everybody really, it’s
going to be awesome.

What songs do you like performing the most?
My two favorites personally are “Move Your Body” and “Porn Star Dancing.” Those are the
songs that really get everybody in the crowd going nuts and that’s just awesome.

What can we expect during your show?
Just a full on rock and roll show. We pretty much like to turn every show into a party. Bring
out the booze and just get drunk and have a good time.
Press photo by Mark Maryanovich Photography
A Perfect Circle: Matt McJunkins (bass)
Sun. May 22 Main Stage at 10 p.m.
What is currently happening and in the
works for A Perfect Circle?
What is happening. Well, as you know we’re
getting ready to do Rock On The Range. We’ve
been rehearsing a lot for that lately. Just getting
things up to snuff, preparing a set. All that stuff.
The band is getting ready also for a tour in the
summer starting the end of June going to early
August. And that’s what’s going on in the
immediate future for now.

Are there talks of new material in the future?
Yeah, it’s being discussed and going back and
forth. There’s definitely been material that has
been worked on and is being worked on.

Do you think any of that new material will
debut this summer at some shows?
There’s a strong possibility. I think nobody wants
to perform any song before they’re completely
ready. I guess until things are finalized, parts are
finished and done, then they’ll be performed.
I don’t think anybody wants to go out and play
anything that’s not finished or wing it, or
anything like that.

Is there anything elaborate planned for
APC's set at Rock On The Range?
Elaborate? What do you mean by elaborate?
Like pyrotechnics, Rammstein stuff?
(laughs)Yeah that or maybe something like the
opening first half of the recent Puscifer tour.
Maybe we’ll do like a country version of
"Magdalena" or something? (laughs)
Yeah! (laughs)
Well, we’ll have to wait and see. It’s gonna be its
own thing and it’s certainly different. It’s definitely
not like the Puscifer set up or anything like that.
People will just have to come check it out.

When were you approached to headline Rock
On The Range and close this year’s festival.
I’m pretty sure it came up after we broke the tour.
I think it was definitely earlier than everyone was
initially getting ready to be prepared for the
summer tour. It made us kind of focus a little bit
more and try and get things ready a bit sooner.

Every time I’ve seen any live projects with
Maynard James Keenan, everything matches
the studio albums to a cathartic "T." It seems
rare to consistently have both an equally
great studio band and a live band. Do you
find it challenging to bring the recordings
and studio sound to a live show and how
do you make it happen?
Yeah, it’s always a challenge. When you’re
recording, everything’s so much more controlled
and you can do so many alternate versions until
you’re blue in the teeth, and you find the right
sound and then you can tweak things. But, live you
usually have less time to do that and it’s more of a
focus of the parts. Especially with Billy [Howerdel]
in that case, he’s really great at recreating those
guitar sounds that he put down on the record
because he knows more specifically than anybody
what he played and what idea he had in mind. So
when it comes to the approach of doing it live, he’s
really good at being able to find the right sound.
Same thing for the bass tones with APC and with
Ashes, I have a lot of help from him. Even if it’s
just to lay out the general idea, I can just ask him,
like 'hey on this song, chords to "Blue" what’s
going on there on the album?' And he’s like, 'this,
this, this, and this.' 'You take this delay and do this
to it' and blah, blah, blah. I kinda just immediately
know where to go. So it’s not as hard as it seems.
If I was just listening to the record and I had to like
guess what’s going on it would be a lot more time
consuming, be a lot more difficult. But, having
someone like him behind the wheel in regards to
getting sounds, it makes things a lot easier.

What’s your favorite A Perfect Circle song to
perform and will you be performing it at Rock
On The Range?
Hmm. My favorite song. Well, I think we’re going
to do a Bee Gees' cover and that should be cool.
(laughs) No! That’s a hard one. I think my favorite
song might be “The Package.” I think that it
might be my favorite song or that’s the song
that probably gets me the most revved up
when I listen to it.

When was the last time you stopped in or
toured in Columbus?
Ashes [Divide] played the same festival. We did
Rock On The Range 2008 when STP headlined,
we were on the second stage, we played earlier
in the day. That’s the last time I've been there.

*Complete interview to be published soon