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Written By NEIL SHUMATE   Published: December 7, 2010
Curse Icon release new album, headline Newport this Friday
Holy @%#$!

Curse Icon has clearly given it their all on
The War Inside--an
album that demonstrates the Columbus band's commitment to
its industrial roots with an explicit exploration of modern,
alternative rock.  

"The Death of Everything" opens the six-song EP with a
barbarous synth introduction and moody, syncopated guitar riff
to appropriately fit the song's sunless lyrics: "I don’t know how
we got here, I don’t know why we stayed, I see the pieces falling
apart. It is the end of you and me."

The haunting, yet charming vocals of Kiana Prestol is highlighted
on "Heaven Is Burning" with a commanding musical breakdown
and reformation that accentuates and closes the second track.

The most stripped down song "Whispers" touches a good
nerve with Prestol's sonorous vocals and a solidly composed
keyboard backing. The melodic song with striking guitar solo is
similar in tone to "Shine On Me" from Curse Icon's debut,
Paradsimal. This track will likely become an anthem for those
who have been viciously lied to.

"To Live Another Day" is lyrically provocative and musically
customary. The song focuses on dealing with inner struggles,
trying to find yourself and ultimately coping. The chorus is made
memorable by its driving music.

The album's final two tracks, "The War Inside" and "Wasted
Heroes," take on a modern rock style by each having explosive
introductions similar to Linkin Park.

Lyrically the self-titled track "The War Inside" continues to deal
with personal conflict while questioning one's strength to move
on. For fans of the mighty vocal breakdown heard in "Falling
Away" from
Paradismal, this song offers one that is equally, if
not more compelling.

"Wasted Heroes" deals with a literal current event war rather
than a metaphorical internal war. (Lyrics: "Will they ever make it
back? Will they make it home? They fight to be free,
But they’re dying from greed...") In the chorus, Prestol's vocals
sound less operatic with more prominence and strictness
conveying a non-feminine attributable range.

The overall theme of the album is captured in every song and
the cover art perpetuates that intention. The album artwork,
illustrated by Alex McVey and designed by Mark Bowman,
resembles screaming souls attempting to escape Freddy
Kruger's scarred body.

The War Inside will release digitally via The Fanatix Agency
on Weds., Dec. 8 at midnight. It will be available worldwide for
purchase on iTunes, Amazon, MTV URGE, Rhapsody and
other online outlets. Hard copy orders can be purchased now
on Curse Icon's Web site under the "merchandise" link.

To celebrate the official release of
The War Inside, Curse Icon
is having a CD Release Party at 6:30 p.m. on Fri., Dec. 10 in
Columbus at Newport Music Hall. Opening the show will be:
System Slave, Sever, Suspect Earth, As the Ashes Burn and
Corrosive Vengeance. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 day
of show.

Curse Icon is dedicating this show in memory of John Taulbee,
bass player for Halo Effect, who recently passed away.
A review of The War Inside
Curse Icon (left to right): Marco (drums/synths), Matt (guitar), Kiana (vocals),
James (bass), Jason (guitar) .
Press Photo by Michael Warth
Out Of The Blue
The War Inside is Curse Icon's second album release. It was recorded at
Spyder Studios in Strongsville, produced by Curse Icon and engineered by
Tony Gammalo and Ben Schigel with mastering work by Brian Lucey.
Curse Icon. Press Photo by Michael Warth
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