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Powerman 5000, System Slave,
One Pretty Minute
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Newport Music Hall
Columbus, Ohio
Written By, Photography By NEIL SHUMATE
Published: November 17, 2010
Out Of The Blue
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Powerman 5000 (PM5K) delivered an adrenaline-fueled performance last night at Newport Music Hall in Columbus.
The ongoing energy of each band member on stage catapulted itself into the crowd causing fans to reciprocate, creating a
connected balance of grooving bodies.

PM5K shied away from its first two albums, but the Boston, Mass. based band successfully carried the show with hits from
Tonight The Stars Revolt! (including "Nobody's Real," "Automatic") and 2003's Transform ("Action," "Free"). The
band which formed in 1991 primarily performed songs from their latest album
Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere
including: "Show Me What You've Got," "Super Villain," V Is For Vampire," and the fun hip-hop-like track "Horror Show."

Lead guitarist Velkro, bassist X51 and rhythm guitarist Evan 9 returned for an encore wearing alien masks with eyes that
protruded light, while Spider remained maskless singing "Supernova Goes Pop," "Hey, That's Right" and concluded with
"When Worlds Collide."

Columbus bands System Slave and One Pretty Minute deservingly opened the night with well-executed performances.

System Slave engaged fans with its pure industrial samples and devouring vocals to produce an overall vibe like Crossbreed
and Spineshank. The song "Evil" put fans in motion and during the middle of their performance, the five-piece band enticed
the crowd to get crunk with a satisfying industrial rock cover of Lil' Jon's "Get Low." System Slave delivered nothing short
of a powerful live show.

One Pretty Minute is a one of a kind local band that has found it's own niche within the hard rock genre. David Adams
(vocalist/guitarist) sung real-life lyrics of struggle and anger in a non-polarized style showcasing a soft to heavy style range.
The band impressed with it's audience focus and performance of new song "The System."