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Interview: Eve 6 drummer, Tony Fagenson
Tony discusses reforming, new album and touring
Twelve years ago Southern California pop rockers Eve 6 rose to the top with
singles "Inside Out" and "Here's To The Night;" however, having less success
with 2003's
It's All In Your Head, the band separated. After disbanding in 2004
and creating side projects including The Sugi Tap, the three-piece band
decided to reform in 2007. It wasn't until April of this year that they began to
garner more attention with releasing
Speak In Code (Fearless Records)
alongside new single "Victoria." The band's drummer, Tony Fagenson recently
spoke to us.

Why did the band separate in 2004?
Tony: We had been in the band since high school and needed time away from
life in Eve 6 after a wild 6 or 7 year run. There was a natural break after the
third album cycle (
It's All In Your Head); we weren't contracted to do another
album for RCA, so it felt like the right time to pause and get our lives together.  

What was it that made you all get back together as a band?
Tony: We had all picked up some new tricks in the years between records, in
our side projects and also writing and producing for other artists, so I think we
felt invigorated to get back on the Eve 6 horse again with some new tricks up
our sleeves after a few years. Also I think that there is an intangible chemistry
in this band, and that's a powerful force. It tends to act like gravity and brings
us back together over time.

Will The Sugi Tap no longer be active?
Tony: As of right now, no it won't. The Sugi Tap ultimately was a stepping
stone back into Eve 6 for Max [Collins, vocals, bass] and I. We never say
never, but right now it's on indefinite hiatus. Some of the songs from the
Sugi Tap period though made it on to the new Eve 6 record which is a cool

Coming back into the music industry, what did you see to be the biggest
change and how have you coped with that change?
Tony: The biggest change is that people consume music in a much more
fragmented and short-form way nowadays. There is an ocean of information
For The Fans, By The Fans.  Look Beyond The Mainstream.
SoCal catchy rock group Eve 6 is back on the road again. The band's name is
derived from an episode of
The X-Files titled "Eve." Photo Submitted
Speak In Code is Eve 6's first album in nine years, released late April, 2012.
and entertainment flying around the world vying for people's attention all at once; it results in a much quicker turnaround for bands, albums, and songs
than a decade ago. The main thing we can do as a band is play to our strengths and work hard to make catchy rock music with spirit and soul, while
also keeping our eye on new and fresh approaches to making and consuming music. It's been exciting using some of the new tools that weren't
around 5 or 10 years ago to reach new audiences.  

What was it like recording Speak In Code together and how did you determine the approach with the album?
Tony: We knew we had to make an album that our long time fans who had been patiently waiting for years would appreciate and allow into their
hearts, but also one that had new elements and was an evolution from Eve 6 music of the past. I think we struck the right balance between the two
Speak In Code. It's got a lot of the classic Eve 6 elements; big power-pop hooks, rocking guitars and drums, and of course Max's inventive and
one-of-a-kind wordplay and emotional lyrics. But we weren't afraid on this one to really let each song shine with any production elements we felt were
necessary to achieve maximum impact, whether it be a horn section (as on the song "B.F.G.F."), or layers of synths. Bands like Depeche Mode and
The Cure have always been big influences on us, and we had a blast putting some of that into the songs. I've always been a keyboard/programming
guy and it was fun letting that shine a bit on this record. It's something we played with a lot on our second album
Horrorscope; this time we went
full-tilt with it.

What can fans expect when you play shows now?
Tony: The great thing about sticking around like we have is that over time you have a good deal of songs to choose from live set lists! We have a true
catalog now and we try to honor all of it with our sets on the Speak In Code Tour; a nice mix of all four albums. Of course we're having the most fun
playing stuff off the new one and the audiences and fans have been amazingly receptive to it alongside the older material. It's wonderful seeing folks
singing along to every word of every song, old and new.  

What's next for the band? More touring, new singles, music videos?
Tonhy: Anything and everything. We just wrapped up the two month Speak In Code Tour, and we have some festivals this month and a trip to Kuwait
to play for the troops in July. We're currently looking at different touring possibilities for late summer and fall. We're still working current single
"Victoria" at the moment. The plan is to stay out there and bring this to the people bit by bit.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Tony: A big heartfelt thanks to the fans that make this possible. We see their passion for the band every day online and at shows, and it's an amazing
and humbling sight. Thank you!

Eve 6 can be found throughout the web. Connect with the band:
Facebook, Twitter, Website.