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Published: July 8, 2010
Cancer Bats landing in Ohio for The Cool Tour
OOTB: How did Download Festival go?
Liam: Download Festival was amazing! We've never played in front of that many people
before so it was awesome. Our set time was at the same time as Five Finger Death Punch
so we thought everyone would be watching them and when we got on stage there was a
huge crowd so we were blown away.

OOTB: What struggles did you have when recording the new album?
For this record it was more that we learned from all the mistakes and problems we had
recording our last record
Hail Destroyer. Everything that could possibly go wrong went
wrong with that album to the pint where we were laughing about it. We had gear breaking,
there was no heat in the studio in the middle of winter so all the guitars were out of tune, we
didn't even have a bass player at the time. So this time around it was the summer and
everything went awesome and we had so much fun recording.

OOTB: The new album seems heavier than past albums, how did the band decide to
take a different approach (including covering Beastie Boys' “Sabotage”)?
Liam: Were all huge fans of really heavy brutal stuff and I think we just got to a point where
all of our tones live had stepped up to being that heavy anyways, so when it was time to
write we had this super heavy sound locked in that we wanted to push those ideas with new
songs. I think I was also at the point where my voice was heavy enough to actually sing over
top of some seriously brutal riffs. I couldn't have sung over "Sleep This Away" when we first
started this band.

OOTB: What was the first song you ever covered as a vocalist in a band?
Liam: When I was 16 I played in a punk band called Another Heather that covered "Johnny
Quest Thinks We're Sell Outs" by Less Than Jake. That was the first band I ever sang in. I
can still sing that song off by heart. haha

OOTB: What are the best parts and worst parts of touring?
Liam: The best part of touring is that now we have so many amazing friends all over the
world that we get to hang out with and see. That and getting to travel to all sorts of crazy
places with my best friends is the best. We've been super lucky to get to travel Europe as
much as we have and see so many places that I never thought I would go. The biggest
downside is missing girlfriends and friends. We're on tour for 10-11 months out of the year
and we'll be home for a few days at a time, so you feel really out of the loop sometimes, it
can suck.

OOTB: What’s the most unexpected or insane gift you’ve received from a fan?
Liam: Tonite in Germany a girl just gave me a bag of candy in the shape of Bats. I'm always
blown away by how many things out there that are in the shape of Bats. We get so many bat
shaped presents and it's always awesome but crazy to think how many of them there are in
the world. I didn't think Bats were so popular.

OOTB: How have your parents or family impacted or influenced your music?
Liam: Our families are all so supportive of what we're doing. I think its because we we're all
a bit older when we started the band and we were really serious about it from the beginning
so they knew it wasn't just a hobby. We all quit our jobs to tour full time and our families
were right behind us.

OOTB: How did everything come together for Cancer Bats to get on The Cool Tour?
Liam: Our new record was put out by the beautiful people at GoodFight Records and they
were involved in putting the whole tour together so they asked us if we wanted to play and it
all went from there.

OOTB: Do you think there is a general underlying positive message from The Cool
Tour with religiously connected bands as well as noted straight-edge members?
Liam: I think there's going to be some pretty posi-vibes going on the tour all around. We
know a bunch of the bands on the tour and the ones we don't know we've been told they're
all awesome dudes so I think the whole thing is going to be a serious summer time hang!

OOTB: How do you spend your days off from touring?
Liam: Whenever I'm home from tour I spend as much time as I can with my girlfriend riding
bikes and hanging out. We tour a lot and I miss her like crazy so that's my number one thing
to do when we've got time off.

OOTB: Hypothetically, if you weren’t in Cancer Bats what would you be doing?
Liam: If I wasn't in Cancer Bats I would be in another band either playing drums or singing.
BUT if I wasn't in music at all I would be snowboarding. I used to snowboard all the time and
worked in the industry. At one point in my life I really thought I was going to try and work for a
snowboard company in some way. It sucks because with all the touring that we do I never
get to ride any more and its a total bum out.

OOTB: What are two or three songs you’re currently listening to?
Liam: Right now I've been listening to two bands on repeat. Black Breath and Touche Amore
are the best bands to come out in such a long time. Oh and the new Trash Talk is amazing.
I don't know if its even out yet, but it totally rips. I guess that's more than two. haha

OOTB: Anything else you’d like to add about the upcoming The Cool Tour?
Liam: I would just say that I hope kids come out early to party with us on The Cool Tour. War
Of Ages, us and Architects are going to get shit started short and sweet, so kids gotta show
up for the long haul to party all day and it'll be awesome!
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Since the release of its thrashing third full-length
Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones earlier this year,
hardcore band Cancer Bats have been
ceaselessly touring across the US and UK.

Before joining Bullet For My Valentine and Bring
Me The Horizon for a tour in September, the four
members from Toronto, Canada will trek across
the states as part of this summer's The Cool Tour.

The 18-date tour kicks off July 12 and also
features As I Lay Dying, Underoath, Between the
Buried and Me, Bless the Fall, The Acacia Strain,
Architects and War of Ages. The lineup's only
Ohio stop is July 23 in Columbus at The LC.

Following a performance at the annual Download
Festival in Donington Park, UK, Cancer Bats lead
singer Liam Cormier responded to some
questions from his BlackBerry.  
The Cool Tour

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Lifestyles Community
Pavilion in Columbus

Eight "cool" bands
are performing
Image courtesy of publicity.
Cancer Bats. Photo courtesy of publicity.