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Published: April 2, 2010
Burn Halo vocalist discusses changes,
transition away from Eighteen Visions
Q&A from 2009's Rock On The Range
I was able to snag a interview with the vocalist of Burn Halo, James Hart. You might be more
familiar with the deceased band, Eighteen Visions. While I talked to Hart in a blazing hot
press tent, he explained his new direction of music and name dropped a few rocker cronies.

How has everything been? Was setting up here hard?

It’s a little hectic, you know? I haven’t been through it for awhile. Its defiantly cool, the vibes
awesome and there is a lot of energy here.

Would you say you got a lot of support from new fans and probably some old fans?

Yeah man, I would say some of the old fans of Eighteen Visions went out and bought the
record. You see a handful here and there crowding up the shows which is defiantly cool. But,
when I made the record man I knew that I wasn’t going to try and do anything specific. As far
as I gotta make sure I got all the 18v fan's support. That wasn’t the point. I knew it was going
to be a totally different record, completely different, completely new sound. I wanted to make
a record that I wanted to make. Be happy with it. I knew from day one [I'd be starting] over
from scratch. This music isn’t necessary geared towards your average 18v fan.  It geared
probably towards your rock radio listener. The fact that some of the 18v fans can come on
board and like the music and respect what I am doing is awesome. I don’t expect them too.   
I didn’t really expect anything.  

As you mentioned before, the rock radio genre. What inspired you to do that transition?

Man I have always have been a big fan of rock music. When I was in Eighteen Visions I was
always trying to push the band to be more of a rock band. I think I was successful to a
certain extent. I got some resistance from the guys and they got some resistance from me
on some stuff. You know, being in a band is all about compromising and writing music
together. When I was given this opportunity [Burn Halo] I didn’t have to compromise any
ideas. I’ve wanted to make the record that I’ve always wanted to make. Which was like, you
know, make a rock album. I am a big fan of Gun N’ Roses, STP, Alice In Chains, Nirvana,
and Soundgarden. Those staple bands of the '90s, I love them. That’s what I grew up with
and I wanted to make a record that reflected who I was. Some people might think ‘hey he
was in Eighteen Visions and they were metal and heavy.' That’s cool, I love doing that stuff,
but I have been given the opportunity to do something like this.  I don’t have to throw away
any of my ideas and I have been welcomed with open arms.

How did you put the band together? Were they guys you knew?

No man I didn’t know a single person. I knew going in from day one that it was going to be
something that I had to deal with. I knew there were guys in my area, but they wouldn’t be
into what I wanted to do. You know, number one I didn’t have what they wanted and number
two, I didn’t really want them in my band as well. [laughs]. Everybody I found came from a
referral from a friend. Coby from Papa Roach, he referred my two guitar players. Our
drummer was referred by a friend of mine, Joe Lewz who plays in Combichrist. Our bass
player was referred by my friend Neil, who played on the whole record and ended up getting
a gig with his buddy Dave Cook, who won American Idol.  He said 'hey man, I know this bass
player while you're tracking these vocals you should go check him out.'  It worked out and I
checked him out. Awesome kid. True bass player. You know I would always try to get guitar
players to convert to bass, because it was an open spot and a chance to be in the band.
That’s kind of how the band was put together. Its been cool and we have been really growing
together. Its something I never done before.

You're in Columbus, but what happens next? I know you got tours set up, how is that going?

Good man its been awesome. We have been busy from February 5th till now. And it doesn't
stop till May 30th. We been with Korn right now, a week and a half of Korn. So far its been
great, people have been really receptive.

Do you feel that your new band gives you a lot more freedom of expression?

I've experienced a lot of things and learned a lot of things. I know how to market a band and
know how to get out there and hustle. Its all about me rallying my four guys and getting them
on the same page.  So far I got a group of guys that wanna go out there and kill it. They didn’t
play on the record and they didn’t write these songs. But their job now is to promote these
songs. Help the band grow, you know, and being on stage will help us make a new record.

What’s your favorite song on the album.

It’s probably "Here With Me." I really love it. Its got a really classic vibe to it. I guess it reminds
me a little bit of GnR like from
Appetite for Destruction. Obviously it is not as good as any of
the songs that could ever be. But that is the vibe that I get. It just has a timeless feel to it and
I really love that about the song.  

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