Q&A Interview with Art Of Dying at the 2011
Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival
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Q: How's the tour been going so far?
A: It's been really, really good. We've been
playing for thousands of people everyday.

Q: That sounds awesome. Do you prefer
the festival shows or do you prefer the
small clubs?
A: It's tough to answer that because I really like
playing in front of big crowds. Sometimes when
we play in small clubs the energy could be really
great, but it's all energy to me. If we have really
great energy, then that's all that matters to me.

Q: Have any cities been particularly fun to
play on this tour?
A: Detroit was really cool because we get a lot
of radio play in Detroit. We find we really
recognize where people are really familiar with
our first single, then our second single, and
finally our entire record. We find people are
always singing the songs back to us, which is
really gratifying as an artist.
Album Releases
Vices and Virtues
(Intoxication/Reprise, 2011)

Art of Dying
(Thorny Bleeder, 2007)
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Art Of Dying

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Band Members
Jonny Hetherington (vocals)
Greg Bradley (guitar)
Travis Stanley (guitar)
Cale Gontier (bass)
Jeff Brown (drums)
Out Of The Blue
Q: Do you have any plans after Uproar?
A: We're about to announce a tour that's going to start shortly after this one. I can't release any
details yet, except it will most likely be in the southern region for a month or so.

Q: Have you discovered any bands on this tour?
A: Not in particular, but Three Days Grace are really good friends of ours. I've always loved
watching them. We've toured with Seether before and I like watching their set. I was a Bullet
For My Valentine fan before this tour, but now I'm getting to know them. We're all really busy
with the tour though, so we can't always find the time to go watch a band's set. I want to, but
unfortunately I can't seem to catch the whole thing. We all really respect each other on this tour.

Q: It's good to hear there's no drama.
A: Yeah, it's more like anti-drama. There's actually been a few times where Black Tide have
rose to the occasion and helped us and some of the other bands.

Q: What are those moments other than being on stage that make you love what
you do?
A: We go out and meet the fans everyday after the show. We all think it's really important to
build of the fanbase. Sometimes, I sit down in that chair and I'm like okay this is why.  

Q: How do you handle those fans who are just super stoked?
A: It's funny. If they're like jumping up and down, then I'll start jumping up and down to get to
their level, then kind of come back down to like planet Earth.

Q: Do you have anything to say to the fans?
A: Yeah, to all the aspiring young musicians and artists you can't give up. I'm thankful for all the
people who come to the shows, buy the CDs, and stuff. It's awesome and they're the reason
I'm out here today.
Art Of Dying vocalist Jonny Hetherington at UPROAR 2011
in Cleveland, Ohio.
Photo by Jared Perkins, OOTB.