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Published: May 26, 2010
Updated: May 27, 2010
Another successful Rock On The Range
Fans staggered through a crowd of more than 60,000, maneuvering across an obstacle
course of scattered beer bottles and resting bodies.

The popular destination was to either get more beer or to watch one of 38 bands on three
different stages. Although those inebriated were abundant, many chose to bypass the beer.  

Above all, everyone was at the fourth annual Rock on the Range to find something that
would produce the highest form of intoxication: two days of live music with unifying
surroundings at Columbus Crew Stadium. Rock On The Range has become the place to be.

This year two side stages (Kicker and Jagermeister) were set up on each side of the
stadium. Most of the set times for both stages were scheduled to begin at the same time,
with those sets intertwining during main stage (Monster Stage) performances. It was
possible to watch every band, but to do so fans could see only 3 or 4 songs from each stage.

The Jagermeister Stage slowly turned into an eternal bog of stench as fumes surfaced
from the sun-baked mud. Moshers took advantage of the conditions during Taproot’s forcible
performance on Sunday—fans rolled around, jumped and stomped until only patches of
grass remained.

Other notable performances included: Mushroomhead, Helmet, Nonpoint as well as solid
sets by Columbus band’s Noise Auction and State Your Cause.

The Kicker Stage area was more spacious with it being set up on a side parking lot. The
largest crowds formed during Halestorm, Skillet, Killswitch Engage, Anberlin, Coheed and
Cambria and Mastodon. Circa Survive stood out with lead vocalist Anthony Green’s
psychedelic, Jim Morrison-like poetry interludes.

The impressive sets turned nobody away, but the earlier bands seemed to detract people as
many waited in line to meet bands at the F.Y.E. tent or watch band interviews in the Harley-
Davidson tent.  

The Monster Stage, located inside the stadium, was lined up with some of today's and
yesterday’s pure rock bands.

Sevendust opened the main stage on day one with a never disappointing set, mixing classic
songs with new. Papa Roach, Deftones, Rise Against, Three Days Grace and Godsmack
carried the remainder of day one.

On day two, the clouds broke and unprotected skin quickly fell victim to piercing sunshine.
Maybe it was too hot, because this year the amount of beer bottles being thrown around
were pleasingly few and far between.

Rumored guests Axl Rose or M. Shadows didn’t show up during Slash’s set, but the band
performed Guns and Roses song’s “Sweet Child ‘O Mine” and “Paradise City.”  

Rob Zombie stole the day with a theatrical, pyro-involved set. Apocalyptica, Five Finger
Death Punch, Bullet For My Valentine and Seether all pleased the crowd with decently
lengthed sets during the second day.

Limp Bizkit headlined day two with much of the performance feedback reported as negative.
The band is scheduled to release its fifth LP,
Gold Cobra, in June.

This year ROTR supported flood relief efforts in Nashville through donating a portion of ticket
proceeds to the Metro Nashville Disaster Relief Fund.

Last year ROTR supported the "Go Green Initiative" in which fans deposited old cell phones.
The eco-friendly incentive carried into this year setting a record by collecting twice as many
cell phones as last year.  

Rock On The Range also offered $30 single-day tickets to military members and to those in
the area who are unemployed.

Quotes from 2010: “Hi. I need to get in front of you so I can get closer because I’m going to
crowd surf. Thank you.” Unsober female during Rob Zombie.

“Fuck the line, buy mine.” Mobile beer seller.

Quote from 2009: “I don’t know where any of my friends are or where I am right now, but I’m
still having a great fucking time. Woooo!” Unsober male prior to Korn.  

Check out a daily coverage log of ROTR 2010 from Ta, Tiff, Mavrck, David, Jared and Neil on our Ootb Webzine
Facebook page here.
Godsmack, Limp Bizkit,
Rob Zombie,
Three Days Grace,
Rise Against, Seether,
Slash, Deftones,
Papa Roach,
Coheed and Cambria,
Killswitch Engage,
Theory Of A Deadman,
Bullet For My Valentine,
Five Finger Death Punch,
Puddle of Mudd,
Drowning Poll, Skillet,
Apocalyptica, Halestorm,
Adeletas Way, Helmet,
Taproot, Circa Survive,
Anberline, Nonpoint,
Violent Soho, Janus,
Richy Nix,
Shamans Harvest,
Year Long Disaster,
Taddy Porter,
Like A Storm,
Noise Auction,
State Your Cause

When and Where?
Sat. May 22,
Sun. May 23
Columbus Crew Stadium

This is where rock lives.
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