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Published June 22, 2012
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Puscifer enthralls Columbus
The airline crew of Vagina Air landed in Columbus last night for a visually
and musically astounding performance, complete with in-flight snacks. The
fictitious airplane company was portrayed by Tool and A Perfect Circle front
man Maynard James Keenan’s independent project

Each band member wore a flight uniform to enhance the live theatrical
component. Keenan and his ideal female counterpart
Carina Round pushed
a stewardess cart across the stage pausing to throw bags of peanuts into
the crowd between songs.

Song breaks were occupied with dry humored video interludes similar to
“Tim and Eric” skits throughout the 90-minute set. For most songs, Keenan
and Round found themselves standing behind a monitor that portrayed their
faces in the style of a distorted fisheye lens.

The band diligently represented tracks from 2007’s
“V” is For Vagina and
Conditions of My Parole without a glitch. The dark transcendental
vibe of the music with industrial undertones was flawless as each note was
right on and aligned with spotless, unified vocals. Some songs seemed
unrecognizable with slower and faster tempo variations, but the lyrics fell in
place unbroken. Songs of the night: “Man Overboard” and “The Undertaker.”

Carina Round opened the show with a seductive half hour set performing
crowd-moving songs including "Pick Up The Phone" and "The Last Time."

Fans left The LC without an encore from Puscifer as the credits rolled, but
they all exited with a memorable, one of a kind performance—something
that can only be fully experienced live.
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