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Written By Andy Vogel
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Hopsin brings stellar beats and flows to Villa
There was a lot of stuff going on at the Al Rosa Villa show Friday, March 30.
There were literally 15 opening acts for the dude. That was more than
draining. T'was outright insanity! Tons of people with clown makeup on the
prowl didn’t help with some of the openers. I don't even want to try and review
any of them because it would take forever. I will just give a shout-out to the 614
Villianz because they actually had a DJ and didn’t bite on other people’s beats.

Well, there is one person I do have to mention:
There was a 50 year old "Columbus Legend,” the Doughmaster. He is a cab
driver that likes to rap over Afroman beats then promptly say ‘fuck Afroman.’ A
very unique balding individual. I have heard of this character before but never
witnessed his antics in the flesh. Many people in the crowd were laughing at
him, as so was I. A larger-elder-face-tatted man came up to me and told me
that the Doughmaster was speaking the truth in his songs. I don’t think the
Doughmaster (or Insane Clown Posse) want to be taken seriously. Somebody
just forgot to tell the Juggalos.

As for Hopsin, his show was outstanding. Never before have I seen an MC rap
and crowd surf during an entire song. He was able to flow just like he does on
his records. He even spit out his guest spot he did with Tech. For being a little
know MC, the crowd knew most of Hopsin’s lyrics. DJ Hoppa also killed it on
the mad beatage.

When Hop wasn’t killin' it, he brought random people on stage to fill in for him.
I must say I was more than shocked at the young juvenile's verbal skills on the
mic. I was disappointed that his hype man SwizZz “couldn’t be here tonight,”
but Hopsin still put on a great performance.
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Hopsin photo courtesy of publicity.