Framing Hanley, Tragic Orange & locals impress
Harry's Hideaway in Lima, OH on Friday, February 13, 2009
Stryck9 got the night started off with a killer beginning song. Crazy hard lyrics sung by, Adam
Tong, kept the crowd going during their set. Brian Jester on drums was goofy as hell standing up
on his stool while playing. Tony Ogg, bassist, kept the crowd alive constantly moving across the
stage. Rob Rodabaugh did some sweet guitar moves, and had a powerful voice.  Despite the small
stage, Stryck 9 kept everyone on their feet.

Storm Kills 4 had a very entertaining show, however, they seemed out of place with the rest of the
bands that night. The lyrics were amusing, but seemed immature to a point, and the style was
slower than the rest of the bands.

Everyones Hero put on an amazing show. James, the drummer had so much enthusiasm as well as
the rest of the band. Singing from the heart, Joey had very emotional lyrics and seemed to enjoy the
show as much as the fans. The band was in tune with the crowd, as the crowd was with them.

Tragic Orange was psychadelic. You could tell that the crowd loved their show. Each member
brought their own unique sound--when put together it just left you speechless. Their hardcore
sound moved the soul and shattered the spine. Phil, vocals, left the crowd in awe. His powerful
voice shook the venue, but not without the help of his bandmates. Christina’s head bashing, heart
stomping drums was the main motivator for the band's kick ass show. Vik and Jimmy’s guitar
playing was dark, yet melodic, and kept it fast paced throughout the entire set.

As soon as
Framing Hanley set foot on stage, the crowd started screaming. Flashes started going
off in every direction and the crowd rushed forward to get as close as they could. Nixon got the
crowd started as soon as he uttered the first word of the first song. Brandon, guitar, helped the
crowd keep their attention with amazing guitar playing. Chris, drums, shook the whole building
with double bass that kept the crowd screaming for more. The show was very upbeat and never
had a dull moment. Nixon was riveting and enticing, making everyone want more. He made an
amazing connection with crowd. One particular fan stands out most in my mind. A young girl of  8
or 9, waiting for 2 hours to hear them play. She moved to the side of the stage from the VIP to get
up close and personal with her favorite band. During one of the songs he reached out and held her
hand while singing just for her.
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