Q. Do you have any plans for an upcoming album?
A. They are currently writing new songs, but they are re-releasing their
hit single “Lollipop.” Mostly though they are living day to day and
enjoying touring and getting to know their new guitarist and working with
the new sound.

Q. How is the tour coming along?
A. "It has been non-stop, crazy, but it has been fun meeting new people."
At the same time it has been hectic because they have to drive
themselves to the venues.

Q. What has 2008 been like?
A. During the summer they mostly just hung out at home playing video
games and catching z’s. After “Lollipop” was released things really took
off. That is when all the touring started.

Q. What has been the inspiration for your music?
A. A lot of classic and alternative rock such as Guns ‘n’ Roses, Incubus,
and The Deftones. Nixon’s father was a country musician from
Tennessee, so he grew up listening to that genre of music. However, he
went in his own direction.
FRAMING HANLEY INTERVIEW at Harry's HIdeaway in Lima, OH on 2.13.09
with Kenneth Nixon (vocals) and Luke McDuffee (bass)
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