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The Electric Age Tour rattles Columbus
Screamim Willies and Columbus Events Group, LLC., brought the elite of
thrash metal to Columbus, Ohio with The Electric Age tour featuring Overkill.  
The show opened with local bands Beneath the Sea and Sourblood to get the
crowd's headbanging, windmill muscles warmed up. Diamond Plate kept the
thrash going and built the energy levels briefly to mosh pit status. Next up on
stage was Celtic thrasher Suidakara who brought in melodic fist-pumping
anthems infused with the ancient sound of bagpipes.

God Forbid was the band who's gutteral vocals pierced your ears and made
your brain bleed--in the good kind of way a thrash metal band is supposed to.  
With their mixture of heavy melodic harmonizing riffs changing into thrashing
guitar leads, they whipped a rather sedate crowed into a mosh pit frenzy and
made everyone their bitch for the night. Extreme thrash at its finest.

If you survived the mosh pit beating you got from God Forbid, then you were
ready for the ass-kicking Overkill was going to give you. Overkill proved that
you don't mess with what works and you keep giving the fans what they want.  
Bands such as Overkill took the thrash formula that Metallica developed and
ran with it, taking thrash metal to a whole new level. Unfortunately for me, I
wasn't able to stay for the entire show, having to leave only after a few
songs--the real world was calling and I had to answer it--but, I did get to stay
long enough to get some fantastic shots of them.

The Electric Age Tour continues with a United States run early summer and
will begin it's world tour leg late summer. See all tour dates
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