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Break out the black flat-bill cap and matching sports shorts, ‘cause Thick As
Blood is more hardcore ‘tough guy’ music. The hardcore sound is not a genre
that can easily be geared toward originality. Thick As Blood deliver an album that
becomes lost in the void of breakdowns.

With the longest track clocking in at 2:59, Thick As Blood’s music is short and
mean. Many hardcore musicians have short albums, which can be a problem
because the breakdowns take the majority of each song.
Living Proof (Rise
Records) contains only 11 songs that do not even last a half-hour.

Living Proof blends together and doesn’t really grab attention. Most of the
breakdowns echo each other and the vocals do not stand out. Listeners of Terror
and Hatebreed will not find any war chanting anthems with these dudes.

Enthusiasts of hardcore may find enjoyment in
Living Proof by seeing that every
selection is just a breakdown than an actual song. With the simple method that
the hardcore sound generates on, a soundscape of breakdowns could be
desirable to less melodic inclined.

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Thick As Blood: Living Proof
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