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Published: November 10, 2011
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An effective hollow spaceship intro by Kid Marvel (Berez Jack Harris)
EarthBound and leads listeners into a straight-forward journey of
raw, solid rap. The title-track includes flows between Kid Marvel and          
OB-1 (Sid Blair) with a music backdrop of darkly layered keyboards,
similar in tone to Outkast.

The backing music remains ominously low-key on “ECT,” but flips to
something more like The Postal Service; however, the remainder of the
album finds its place using soulful jazz and jungle music with more
traditional laid-back vibes to set a more appropriate mood.

The uninterrupted, accelerated speed of each rapper showcases the
talent of Fresh Breeze Movement. OB-1 represents the mic with
distinctively deep vocal tones while Marvel sets a balance with a more
relaxed variety of slightly higher pitches.

The duo doesn’t seem to be talking to each other per track, a lack of call
and response generates a separate agenda per rapper—each having a
different story to tell, but on the same subject matter, never seeming to
overstep their personal knowledge and experiences.

The verses touch on: Religion, politics/government/war/media,
depression/death/psychiatrics/guilt, struggles/hopes/dreams,
money/passion, eliteists/outcasts and technology.

Although there are breaks between flows allowing room for a chorus
(which many are familiar hearing in mainstream hip-hop), chorus isn’t
needed, the original fast-paced verses replace the mainstream structure.
It’s refreshing to not find any catchy, repetitive sing-alongs on this album.

EarthBound concludes with Kid Marvel the same way it opened, but this
time without backing music—images of the Neptunes’ space-like
approach can’t go unmentioned. “Know that whether you adore us or not,
we will still strive to provide you with the most insight into our minds. When
clouds are dark and hearts are heavy, trust that we’ll provide the gap that
lest the sun set through.”

It hasn’t taken this duo long to find their place in the underground Central
Ohio hip-hop scene, I think we all are looking forward to watching this
project evolve. It’s new, independent, real and nothing short of original
and fresh.  

Can you feel that breeze of fresh air? Breath the Fresh Breeze Movement,
take it in, hold it in, you won’t want to exhale.  Rating:
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Band: Fresh Breeze Movement
Album: EarthBound
Release Date: November 11, 2011
Location: Delaware, Ohio
Genre: Hip-Hop
Track List
1) EarthBound 2) ECT
3) The Smallest Autobot 4) Darth 'vator Music
5) Hunnit Han Slap 6) Dreamtime
7) Words With Nerds 8) Outro
Upcoming Live Show
Sat. Dec. 3, 2011
Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio
Opening for Hopsin