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Published: March 17, 2011
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For this holiday take a break from drinking to Flogging Molly or Dropkick
Murphys. Instead pop in The High Kings new disc,
Memory Lane. These
guys are one of the biggest groups to come out of Ireland. With more than
one million views on their YouTube video, "
The Rocky Road to Dublin,"
these are the real Irish boys you need to be drinking Irish car-bombs too.  

These guys do all of the great Irish classics that you and your drinkin’ buds
can jam too. The four piece group of lads play more than 13 instruments,
sing and dance like there is no tomorrow. The album,
Memory Lane is a
nice throw back to the roots of Celtic and Irish music. It features some great
classic songs such as, the St. Patrick day theme song, "Whisky in the Jar."

Unfortunately these guys already came to Columbus earlier this month, but
you still can enjoy them for this St. Pats Day. Have a safe holiday!   

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Band: The High Kings
Album: Memory Lane (Universal Music Ireland)
Location: Ireland
Genre: Irish-Celtic Folk-Pop
"Whiskey In The Jar" The High Kings
"Irish Pub Song" The High Kings