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Published: September 6, 2011
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This neat restored compilation of one of Americans best heartthrob singers
is a must have for 60's enthusiasts. Recent generations may not be familiar
with Orbison legacy. Kids envision the happy days of milkshakes,
convertibles, A&W joints and all that other stuff they showed in
Back to The
. However, Orbison had a dark aura to him, which attracted singers
and songwriters like Johnny Cash to follow him.

Everyone has heard "Pretty Woman," but they haven’t heard it like this--
the music has been converted from the pristine monaural sound. In plain
english, that means this is as close as you get to listening to original quality.
And that is how all of the songs sound on this double disc compilation.

The collection includes the hits such as, "Only The Lonely," "Dream Baby,"
"Blue Bayou," "Let The Good Times Roll" and every single that Orbison has
released. This collection only includes his work from 1960-64. The set also
includes a DVD of live performances. Watching it is almost haunted to just
be able to actually see him in those eerie shades. So commemorate
Orbison's 75th year in the music biz by giving this comp whirl.

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Band: Roy Orbison
Album: The Monument Singles Collection
Location: Texas
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Rockabilly, Country, Western