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Written By Jared Perkins
Published: June 15, 2012
©Copyright 2009-2012
Out Of The Blue Publications
June 12 marked the third studio release of home state heroes Miss May I (Rise
Records) titled
At Heart, produced by Machine. After being delayed two weeks
for last minute changes, the album finally hit store shelves and greeted fans with
a vicious upgrade in the bands sound.  

Bass player Ryan Neff’s clean vocals soar over lead singer Levi Benton’s
searing snarls and growls while guitar players Justin Aufdemkampe and B.J.
Stead and drummer Jerod Boyd pummel listeners with relentless beats and

The most noticeable changes among
At Heart and Miss May I’s previous
releases is the maturation of their sound as a whole. Benton’s vocals sound
much more focused and ferocious and the music backing his lyrics sounds
much more organized and thought out.

At first glance the listener can immediately pick up on the maturity of the band in
a simple change of style in album cover. Previous releases
Apologies Are For
The Weak
and Monument had somewhat cartoon-y animated album covers,
At Heart sports an actual photograph of an eyeless child in a black t-shirt
and the band's updated logo.The album cover sets a perfect tone for its content.  

With songs such as "Day by Day," "Bleeding Out," "Road of the Lost," "Ballad of
a Broken Man" and others certainly leave a lasting impression on any listener
and leaves a lasting impression on the music industry as a whole. With this
album, Miss May I has truly come into their own and proved that they’re in this
for the long haul.    


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Band: Miss May I
Album: At Heart (Rise Records)
Location: Troy, Ohio
Genre: Hardcore