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Dayton heartthrobs strike back with more tunes that feel like an re-hash of late
Hope is another teen-angst record full of screams and fuzzy guitar riffs.
With their release of a new EP, Hawthorne is more likely to grab old school fan's
attentions than garner fresh ones.  

Hope shows that Hawthorne Heights may have strayed away from their main
selling point: pop-catchy melodies.
Hope really feels like a step backward for the
band. First noticeable track is "Running in Place (Niki FM)," which sounds like the
old version just without the pop-catchy vocals. Title song, "Hope," plays like a
stripped down emo kid song: less guitars, no screams, just all wine. Two final
selections on the Cardboard Empire Records' EP, "Vandemonium" and
"Chemicals" pays homage to the earlier post-hardcore sound that Hawthorne
became known for.

Hawthorne has always played better to the tune of sorrow and dismay. With an
EP like
Hope, fans will be confused with the direction the band plans to step
forward in. Old fans may stick on to Hawthorne hoping to see what comes next.
Yet, with a band that already has a greatest hits album; it will always be hard to
re-create sound in the dwindling emo scene.

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Hawthorne Heights: Hope
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