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Contributed By TONY ROWE
Published: March 31, 2012
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Every year music makes a new turn, down what is seemingly a revamped, new
and improved street we have been down before. This year’s street I believe is
the resurgence of post-hardcore and at the fore front of this so-called
revitalization of something from the past is the band Before Their Eyes (BTE).

Coming from Findlay, Ohio and being one of the first bands to start the Ohio
takeover of the core genres, BTE has given us a great effort with their new CD
Redemption. After a few years of countless member changes the band has, I
think, got back to their roots and put forth a CD that shall be in my top ten
albums of the year.

Not necessarily known for their heavy side, BTE tackles a lot of heaviness on
this album, relatively speaking. The first song “Lies” has almost a pop-punk
lighter feel to it, yet still has some heavier elements, like a call back to the days
of early Lost Prophets. BTE's lyrics tackle those ever pressing issues with
emotions and angst that post-hardcore is very well known for and with a title like
“Lies,” you can only imagine what the song deals with lyrical.

The next songs, “Dream” and “Find,” have the same sort of lyrical sentiment as
the aforementioned song, with upbeat  screamo-like guitars. BTE has always
been known for their beautiful harmonies and powerful messages and this CD is
no exception, the next song you encounter is “Everything." Which as you can
imagine is a deep and beautiful song showing that the guys still have that softer
side that they have been known for their last couple of releases.

Now comes the next part of the album, the title track “Redemption," “Revenge,"
and “Revival." These songs have a very powerful message and while delivering
that message as heavy and in your face as BTE has ever been. This portion of
Redemption offers grinding doom note break downs, choppy metal core riffs,
and an overall brutal nature. These three tracks deliver for BTE fans who love
bands like The Plot In You (TPIY) and Like Moths to Flames.

Speaking of TPIY and former Before Their Eyes guitarist, Landon Tewers, the
vocalist for TPIY, makes a special guest appearance on the track “Revival,"
which shows the merging of the two bands styles. This song is by far my
favorite song on the album and proves the versatility of BTE, being heavy and
yet remaining very upbeat and offering something new and fresh from an old
favorite style.

The back stretch of the album continues to show the mashing of styles that is
seemingly present in the new post-hardcore style. “Surrender” pushes further
into the meaningful lyric department and offers beautiful harmonies and a driving
force that is just another reason this CD is so solid from top to bottom.

There is a definite message in this CD and the lyrics speak to that message, in
“Backstabber” the overall picture of BTE’s meaning is evident. Not only is it
probably the second most brutal track on the whole album, but it lends to one’s
imagination the betrayal and things we deal with in life and how redemption can
be part of that process.

The final two songs really show the band's Christian nature and wrap up the
overall CD experience as a positive one. “Faith” and “Alive” speak to people to
show them that BTE is using music to spread their message, yet not be too
pushing and give positive hope back to the kids, who I believe really need it these
days. The album concludes as beautifully and as heavy as it began with no real
let downs in between.

Honestly, before I heard this album I was not excited to hear it, but after quite a
few listens I’m very happy I got to experience it. Overall a very solid effort from
BTE and it offers some positive messages, which in music I think are important
in many instances. The appearance of Landon Tewers from TPIY and the overall
heavier tone to this CD was a great improvement from their previous releases.

This year may be the year of post-hardcore and Before Their Eyes is setting the
standard for maybe a whole new generation of kids just entering the core scene.


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Band: Before Their Eyes
Album: Redemption (InVogue Records)
Location: Findlay, Ohio
Genre: Metal/Rock