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Published: June 16, 2010
Updated: June 18, 2010
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Mockumentary filmed in Ohio with local cast
“Cornhole: The Movie” follows four teams on their way to the annual National Cornhole
Championship in Cincinnati and the majority of its cast and crew are Ohioans.

Drew Hanson, a Columbus-based actor, plays the role of Stew who acts as Frank Geers,
the head of the American Cornhole Organization (ACO).

OOTB had the opportunity to interview Hanson about Clarke/Kent Pictures' “Cornhole: The
Movie” before its expected DVD release in August.

OOTB: What are some of your experiences in entertainment, comedy and wrestling?
Drew: You threw wrestling in there. That's hilarious. I've been an actor and in entertainment
in some sort of capacity since I was 15. I did go through a wrestling period in the early 2000s
when it was in it's boom. I'm a student of pop culture. I kinda follow it and get involved when
something is hot. I've never been able to sing though, so American Idol definitely went over
my head. I am in Second City in Chicago now and love to do edgy and challenging stand-up
comedy and test material on Facebook and Twitter. Much the same as most up-and-coming
people in the days of social media dominance. Sometimes it goes great, sometimes it
results in a lot of deletes. It's okay. It's all trial and error until I can bank on putting something
in the bank. I feel the film has a nice balance of challenging and simple. There are some one-
liners in there that definitely appeal to a diverse audience. I'm proud of the film because it
makes fun of itself in a really smart way.

OOTB: How did you become involved with this movie?
Drew:  Plain and simple, I just auditioned. My agent in Columbus said they were shooting a
local movie in Cincy with a large amount of backing sponsorwise and a great script. She felt
I would play well as Stew Neagan, who I immediately fell in love with when I read the script.

OOTB: What role does your character have?
Drew:  Stew is the head of the ACO. He's based on a guy named Frank in Cincy who
actually runs this real organization. I don't mean to sound condescending by saying
"actually," because it's a real business. The biggest issue the organization has is the
regional names that are associated with the game. Which after seeing the movie at the
world premiere in Cincinnati, I really feel it addresses the game and all it's aspects in a
comedic way that no other regional name could do. The overall feel by those that saw the
premiere is: "well, I guess it's called 'Cornhole' now."

OOTB: How would you describe the movie?
Drew: Making fun of itself and the area that it comes from in a non-offensive way. Lets face
it, the name is already a joke. The name that is the joke writes the rest of the movie. Yet, not
relying on that as the joke. It has more layers of humor than you would expect. Really, really
funny layers.

OOTB: How would you compare this movie to say "Basketball" or "Dodgeball," or
any other parody and comedy documentary-like films?
Drew: Comparable. Easily on par with all these kinds of films, but because of it's indie
status and the budget for the film, it's a role of the dice. We have a built-in audience that love
the sport. Should I say "sport?" And they also embrace the name and region that created the
name. It's a tribute slash poke at Cincy. I really feel anyone regardless of what they call the
game will be very entertained by how committed the characters are to winning the
championship in a serious manor.

OOTB: When and where can everyone see or find this movie?
Drew: Our world premiere had 2 sold-out shows. Which considering the film was shot in the
summer of 2007, and had numerous recession related problems, being completed was an
accomplishment in and of itself. The next goal is a festival run and a regional release, but
with a DVD release in time for football season in Ohio. Which obviously cornhole relates to
and is a huge part of tailgating. I'd love to see it go nationwide. We do have a blog in Asia
about the film, though none of us know what they are saying. We think they may
misunderstand the name and the plot. Most of all we are happy Asia is down with cornhole,
regardless of what their interpretation is.

OOTB: What's next for you in the future?
Drew: I'm really proud of the project. With all the setbacks and the time it took for it to finish,
the overall feel of the cast and crew at the premiere was, "wow, this really came together,"
which I hate to say I was surprised with, but in all honesty this was an indie film done for not
a huge amount of cash in the worst economic time since the 1930s and it came out
incredible. I'm very proud of this film. After it, who knows.
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An interview with Columbus actor Drew Hanson about "Cornhole: The Movie"
It’s a Friday night on campus and a house has been
sieged by college partiers.

Loud music reverberates out of speakers as bodies
begin to dance. A collection of empty beer cans line the
porch railing with pride to showcase the amount of
alcohol consumed.

Inebriated arms attempt to toss beanbags into the holes
of an inclining board that sits on the yard.

Such a college campus scene continues to popularize
the bag-tossing sport of cornhole.

Popular enough to inspire an independent movie about
“the verb and not the noun."

Considering cornhole gained most notoriety in the
Buckey State, the movie was appropriately filmed in
southern parts of Ohio.
"Cornhole: The Movie" premiered May 7 at Madison Theater in Cincinnati  and will
premiere in Syracuse, New York on June 24. The movie will debut in Chicago on the
Jumbo Tron in Solider Field on July 17. The DVD is expected to be released in August.
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