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Band: The Moops
Location:  Columbus, OH
Album: Smells like the Moops
Genre: Rock / Alternative
Track Picks: “Too Cool For You,” “Football and Liquor”

Lowdown:  This one of a kind band brings the templates of early
The Replacements with an unexpected mix of country-western.
Appropriate to perform in a saloon while patrons drink and are
engaged with the tunes, all without the knowledge that the band
on stage is in fact mocking everything the drinker’s support and
represent. Compared to the Moops’ 2006 release of
For Failure
, this full album is less naïve, blunter and more likely
to stir controversy with lines like: “turn them into sissy queers”
and “I’m god’s gift to women, one hell of a man.” Overall, more
western soul influenced with a punk-like carefree attitude toward
vulgar word choice.  The final 11-minute track “Dead Rabbit”
showcases the impressive engaging rock-and-roll instrumental
abilities of the highly professional public relations band.

For upcoming shows and to purchase songs from the Moops,
www.myspace.com/moopscrap or www.moopscrap.com .  
Songs also available on iTunes, Emusic and Rhapsody.            
Written By N. Shumate, Out Of The Blue
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