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Band: Stryck9
Location:  Carey, OH
Album:  Return To Sender
Genre: Rock / Grunge
Track Picks: “Fallin,” “Yesterday,” “Stone and Sand”

Lowdown:  Forming in 2005 with minor lineup changes,
this four piece band has released this second full-length
album that has grabbed the attention of many to form a
loyal fan base and a strong following at live shows.  The
11-tracks revolve around straight forward guitar-driven
tracks with breakdowns and energetic vocals reflective
of Creed’s
My Own Prison. The verse-chorus format,
with more frequent chorus than verse, creates
memorable lines with which listeners can easily relate.  
Some of the radio-friendly lyrics allude to religious hope.
The diversity of the music bounces from heavier sides
similar to Godsmack to lighter acoustic components
representative of Days Of The New.         

For live videos, songs and upcoming show dates, visit
www.myspace.com/thestryck9 or www.stryck9.com .
Written By N. Shumate, Out Of The Blue
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