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Band: Storm Kills 4
Location:  Lima, OH
Album:  Dead In Ohio
Genre: Alternative / Garage Rock
Track Picks: “Shit Ya Don’t Need,” “Goldfish"

Lowdown:  From the album design to lyrics and the overall
sound, this four member band is proudly represented by
independence.  Instead of receiving the typical professionally
typed letter packaged with the album, we received a hand-
short band bio. The album cover itself is hand-drawn
and features sketches of the characters and rebellious lyrical
ideals of capitalism, government, religion, marijuana, media,
police force and jobs sung throughout the band’s second full-
length album.  A strong representative of the grunge era with
an “anti” punk scene attitude.  Most tracks initiate with a guitar
riff (some blues with call-and-response, some rock with slowed
down Dick Dale effects) and others with styled jazzy walking
bass riffs reminiscent of Primus.  Nine tracks that will prime you
to question authority with humorous narrative lyrics, and
backing music that will allow you to appreciate the
opportunities found in diverse experimental music.

For upcoming shows, to hear songs and to purchase the
album,  visit
Written By N. Shumate, Out Of The Blue
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