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Band:  Eyes Stained Black
Location:  Columbus, OH
Album:  Blueprint (EP)
Genre: Industrial / Metal
Track Picks: “In Your Eyes,” “Something Beautiful”

Lowdown:  Rough sounding angry German vocal
textures (sung in English) to fit the distorted industrial
profile of backing Ministry drumming/machine beats,
Bile guitars and Cradle of Filth synths.  Fans of
Rammstein, Crossbread and early Skinny Puppy will
likely indulge in this 5-song, 21-minute master of
proliferate darkness.  Overall, well synced and layered
with dominant focus on the music structure and less aim
on the simplistic lyrics. The vocals are often hidden in
distortion like Dope’s first album. In June, 2009 the
band announced the name of their upcoming full album:
Paradigm Shift.  They also mentioned changes in their
music with insights from new band members.   

To purchase the EP and hear new tracks, visit:
Written By N. Shumate, Out Of The Blue
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