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Music has captivated me since my years in middle school. As a generally shy and timid
person, I've always admired the audacious skills and abilities of performers. Music is forever
something that will not go away in the end. Music has helped me get through many barriers,
and depending on mood, specific genres always become human-like personifications that
generate an escape for me.

This feature was created to expose the moments in which fans have encountered musicians on
and off the stage. It's these moments that inspired a publication created for the fans, by the
fans-- starting out with a throw-away camera, a sharpie with paper, and hopes to meet bands
for autographs behind Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH.

This will highlight experiences that fans of music personally prize. If successful, plans exist to
make this section a full multimedia feature in the future.  

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Rodney Shifflet, Marion, OH, with 311 's
Chad Sexton (11.16.03)
Rodney Shifflet, Marion, OH, with 311 's
P-Nut (11.16.03)
Rodney Shifflet, Marion, OH, with 311 's
miT (11.26.99)
Rodney Shifflet, Marion, OH, with 311 's
Nick Hexum (11.26.99)
Rodney Shifflet, Marion, OH, with 311 's
S. A. Martinez (11.26.99)
Rodney Shifflet, Marion, OH, with 311 's
Nick Hexum (5.4.09)
Jason White and Neil Shumate, Marion, OH,
with Disturbed's David Draiman
Neil Shumate, Marion, OH, with
Spineshank's Jonny Santos
Harry and Neil, Marion, OH, with NitethaGrrness,
SintheticHead3000 (Project Defective Unknown),
Cory "Cie Breeze" Brown and Alex Sheridan
JP (Hot Peppers), Joe & Jake (Citizen 18), Kyle & Stan
(Scene Of The Crime), Neil & Tony (OOTB), Brian
Jester (WDCM Local Mic and Jester's Court Recording)
and Kickstand Pub waitress
I heard the news that Trent Reznor had a girlfriend and was getting married. That the "Wave Goodbye" tour was
the last tour he was going to do. For a man that means so much to me, I neglected to even look it up. I couldn't
think of a world without his music, a world without him.

His words echo through the very being of my existence--from "Something I Can Never Have" to "The Great
Destroyer." I've always held on wondering what was next for the man that saved my life. I owe everything I am
and everything I will ever be to him. Although I’ll never even get to talk to him, he has spoken to me so many
times when I thought I couldn't go on. He has carried me through my darkest days. His music has always eased
my troubling mind. I am sitting here, I am starting to cry. Words can’t describe how I feel.  As "All That Could
Have Been" plays in the background. I think about how amazing it would be to actually sit down with him if only
for 30 seconds. Just too simply say: "thank you." Many times people say that. When I say it, I mean it.  For the
past twenty years he’s supplied brutally honest lyrics that could reach down to anyone’s cores. You've felt his
pain: the isolation, the despair, the angst, the hurt.  Through it all he still stands, never one to shy away from his
problems in the past.

Today I got the nerve to look it up on yahoo search. Reading the article I could only feel happy for him. This man
deserves happiness more than anyone else on the face of the earth. Though some of you might disagree with me
and even hate his music. Yet, you can’t deny the impact it has had on the music industry. It will continue to for
generations to come.
Pretty Hate Machine was years before its time. Still sounds better than half the stuff being
put out today.

So here is my goodbye to the man. Who has done so much for me on a personal level. I wish Mariqueen and him
the best of luck on whatever they choose to do. Hopefully in a couple years there will be a little Trent running
around following in his father's foot steps to challenge the record companies.

“It's like beating your head open and unzipping your chest cavity saying 'here are my guts - everything I've felt,
including a lot of stuff I'm not proud of.'  It's hard. It uses you up. I walk off stage sometimes and feel like I've
just slept with everybody in the audience."  (Trent Reznor on performing)
With NIN performing their last show tonight in LA, Calif.,
C&C writes a tribute
A farewell to Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor
posted: Sept. 10, 2009
(In response to above post)
"For C&C... Trent isn't done... just NIN!"
Article Click Here  From: Justin Bauer (Ohio), E-mailed to OOTB on 9.13.09
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