Chase Blankenship
I love music.
I don’t do this to be known.
I do it because I love the way music makes the world stop.
How it brings everyone together only if for hours at a time, nothing else matters.
Just the noise in the speakers.

My love for music has pulled me in a lot of different directions in my life.  Raised in a
home where the only thing we could listen to was country.  That is where my roots lay. It
wasn’t until 5th grade, I was introduced to 97.9:  Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and Britney
Spears.  From there my music interest grew beyond what I ever thought.

Then came one Christmas when my aunt purchased Linkin Parks'
Hybrid Theory for my
older brother.  Somehow at the time he didn’t like them and traded me a knife she
bought me in exchange for the CD.  I swear from the first time I placed it in a CD player
my life was changed. Within only days I had learned every word to every song. My
addiction to metal began!

Finally I met my last savior at my old place of work. It came in the shape of a man who
knew more about music then I ever thought possible. He is the one who introduced me
to many kinds of music, including Nine Inch Nails. Which embarked me on my quest
through Industrial music. Still to this day he opens my ears up to sounds that I thought
I'd never hear.  He struggles to find something that I don’t like.

There is something strange about noise that makes it appeal to every fiber of my being.
I live and breathe music. Nothing will ever be able to take that away. When given the
chance to help with the magazine, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ll do whatever is asked
of me to help achieve the goals.
Senior Contributor
Out Of The Blue