Scott Velazco, a native of Marion and current
Nashville, Tennessee resident, is receiving
his first Grammy Certificate as decided at
this year’s Annual Grammy Awards.

The certificate presented by the National
Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences
recognizes Velazco’s work as second
engineer on Heather Headley’s Grammy-
winning “Best Contemporary R&B Gospel
Audience of One.  

“Heather is amazing,” Velazco said.  “I’m
honored and I really just lucked out to have
been a part of the making of her great album.”

The 29-year-old said he was involved with
the album’s basic tracking under engineer
Bill Whittington at Vibe 56 Studio, located in
the heart of Nashville's entertainment
industry. Velazco worked on days when
bass, drum, guitar, and keyboard parts
were recorded.
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Ohio native recieves Grammy Certificate
Published: February 19, 2010
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Scott Velazco pausing from work. He
works as House Engineer at Vibe 56
Studio in Nashville's Music Row.
“Billy and I would interface before the sessions and he would tell me what
microphones and gear he wanted to use for each instrument, so I could have
everything set up and working before the start of the day,” Velazco said.  

At different times throughout the recording process he said they also both used
ProTools recording software together.

“After the tracking was over I’d back up the sessions and prepare them for the next
step, which might be vocal recording, orchestra and choir or whatever else,”
Velazco said.

The 1998 Marion Harding High School graduate received his Bachelor of Music in
2005  from Belmont University in Nashville and has credits on albums including:
Montgomery Gentry, Peter Cetera, Terri Clark, Mandisa, Superchick, Big Daddy
Weave, Steven Curtis Chapman and others.

“I spend a lot of time working with independent
bands that don’t have major label backing,”
Velazco said. “That is where my love of
music really begins.”

Serving as House Engineer at Vibe 56,
Velazco said the studio professionally
records albums that bands and artists
can use to their own advantage
and advancement.

“We record albums that they can sell at
their shows and keep all the profit,”
he said, “as opposed to bands who have
million-dollar publicity contracts, but never
see most of that money.”

Velazco said he is proud of his recent work on folk artist Chris Ayer’s Don’t Go
Back To Sleep and is excited about a current project with singer/songwriter Kristen
Cothron, which will be produced by Ben Strano.

“Without getting overly self-important or sentimental, let me add that I’m really a
lucky guy to be able to do this for a living,” Velazco said.

Aside from his continued focus on recording and freelance interest in looking for
bands and artists to work with, Velazco said he wants to improve his math skills
this year.

“I’ve been studying several hours a day and I’m starting to wrap my brain around
some of the easier stuff,” he said.  “It has always been my weakness, but I’d love to
be great at it.”

Velazco said he appreciates his wife for not minding the weird studio work hours
and encourages anyone to contact him and chat about his areas of expertise:
“recording, music, Nashville, beer and Tarantino movies.”

Velazco can be reached by e-mail at  

Vibe 56 Studio, Scott Velazco, Music Row
Despite a proclaimed
weakness in math,
Velazco continues to
showcase and devote
his strength behind a
mixing board.

“I love music and I love
the geeky tech side of
recording,” he said.  “I
have worked with some
incredible artists and
every day in the studio is
great, whether it’s my
favorite music or not.”
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