Written By Katie Finn
Published: June 13, 2012
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It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's a Superhero Fashion Blog!
In the site of Tumblr there is a guardian of justice that protects its members from the everyday fashion faux pas. This blog also has a duty upholding
heroic couture, sassy masks, and having sidekicks with very good taste in shoes for the Tumblr masses to save the day. This blog hero is guilded
"Fashion Tips from Comic Strips."

One of this blog’s superpowers is to show off superhero couture on the runway. Two notable posts have been the
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
where the Angels were costumed in heroic designs. The other notable post comes from a Christian Dior fashion show where the inspiration was
Michelle Pheiffer’s Catwoman costume from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. Not only are there posts straight from the runway, but there are also
posts from major retailers, such as TRIPP NYC, that have lines or products based on superheroes. One post featured two-toned skinny jeans
inspired by Two-Face, black and white, and Harley Quinn, black and red, from Batman: The Animated Series in the early to mid1990s.

Another amazing feat is submissions from other followers of the blog. The submissions range from nail art from X-Men to Sailor Moon RedBubble
posts, WeLoveFine contests with a Jem and the Holograms theme, and epic jewelry for your fight against evil. There are also fashion illustrations that
are based off of the characters themselves or a character in a revamp of their costume. One such post has Raven from Teen Titans in her costume
recreated to a 1940s vibe. Or a set of art prints of the Batman ladies in a 1950s classy pinup style. Which the artist has for sale in there Etsy shop for
$10 each!

The most amazing ability this blog has is its Cosplay of the Week submission. Every week this blog features the best of the best cosplay creations.
The submission doesn’t have to be related to DC or Marvel heroes or villains. Instead there are anime, movie, Disney, and video game cosplays that
are posted each week. A memorable post was one of Misty from the very early Pokemon days. Not only is the cosplay very accurate, but is also an
underwater shot with a Staryu with her. Another memorable submission was one of Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin. The detail and work put in to the
costume was dead on accurate with the movie. Not to mention that the shot itself is gorgeous and sets off a wonderful tone. This weekly feat will
make anyone, cosplayer or not, want to create an amazing cosplay in an ode to their favorite character.

There are epic feats no matter which way you turn in this blog. And you can rest safe at night knowing that Fashion Tips from Comic Strips is
protecting cyberspace, and your geeky fashion pleasure, from horrid fashion faux pas. In runway couture and some eye catching accessories no

Fashion Tips from Comic Strips can be found here and added to your bookmarks:
For The Fans, By The Fans.  Look Beyond The Mainstream.
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My name is Kat and I’m originally from Ebensburg, PA and moved to Ohio
after getting a job in costuming for theater. I graduated from Moore College of Art &
Design in 2011 with my BFA in fashion design. I have shown some of my fashion
pieces at various art shows in my native state of Pennsylvania. I also created a
dance costume for one of the lead dancers of 180 Dance Company’s production,
A Portrait in White, for the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts in April 2011.
Before graduating college I created a collection of five completed looks that walked
down the runway of the annual Moore College Fashion Show. I have my own
independent fashion label, Cheshire Couture, in the works when I’m not at work
on the costumes for the next production.