Written By Katie Finn
Published: August 3, 2012
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Lacing Glamour: Bibian Blue
Corsets have been around since the 1700s as undergarments. They were originally meant to slim down the body to conform to a fashionable
silhouette in an hourglass figure. But in recent decades, the corset has become an outside garment and growing out of its original intent. One
designer has taken this historic garment and made it into a couture piece of clothing. Whether it’s a dress or on its own Bibian Blue has turned the
corset into a fashion essential.

Bibian Blue began her fashion design career in 2000 in Barcelona, Spain. To jumpstart her reputation she created her first collection, which was
shown at fashion events and festivals around Europe. She quickly gained a following in the underground scene as she showed her collection. In 2001
she opened her retail show room in the center of Barcelona. Her showroom is where clients can find Bibian Blue’s original designs with her world-
renowned corset work. Bibian Blue’s creative designs are also sought out within the art community from all over the world. Her most notable clients
are Porl Thompson from the Cure, Ulorin Vex, and Erk from Hocico.

The designs by Bibian Blue are breath taking. There is an abundance of variety in the designs. Bibian Blue takes the typical corset and adds different
variations to it. Such as being a blouse or a full-skirted Marie Antoinette dress. There are dark and gothic inspired designs with ruffs along with
Steampunk inspired designs with clockwork and gears. There is something for everyone in the alternative fashion following. Bibian Blue has released
a book, Lacing Glamour, that is for sale on the Bibian Blue website.

Bibian Blue’s philosophy of the corset is not to over zealously lace it super tight. As an avid corset wearer herself for nights out and parties, she does
not lace corsets tightly and does not wear a corset daily. When lacing a corset, the lacer should just lace it just to compliment the wearers shape.
A corset can compliment anyone’s shape no matter what size they are. Over zealously lacing a corset creates distortion and will not be a perfect
compliment for the wearer. To Bibian Blue a corset is like a great pair of stilhettoes. They are great to wear on special occasions and not daily.

Although corsets have been around as undergarments in the 1700s it was not until very recently that the corset has become an outer garment.
Bibian Blue has taken the corset and has created different variations in her workshop in Barcelona, Spain. She has regular clients who come into her
showroom for something new, different, and artistic. Through her book, Lacing Glamour, she displays very artistic fashion photography of her
creations worn by top models such as Ulroin Vex, Viktoria Modesta, and Morrigan Hel. Bibian Blue also takes international orders through the
Bibian Blue website.
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My name is Kat and I’m originally from Ebensburg, PA and moved to Ohio
after getting a job in costuming for theater. I graduated from Moore College of Art &
Design in 2011 with my BFA in fashion design. I have shown some of my fashion
pieces at various art shows in my native state of Pennsylvania. I also created a
dance costume for one of the lead dancers of 180 Dance Company’s production,
A Portrait in White, for the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts in April 2011.
Before graduating college I created a collection of five completed looks that walked
down the runway of the annual Moore College Fashion Show. I have my own
independent fashion label, Cheshire Couture, in the works when I’m not at work
on the costumes for the next production.