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By NEIL SHUMATE  Published: August 27, 2010
Hail The Villain break new ground with fresh approach
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When it comes to savvy methods for bands to connect with fans online, Hail The Villain's approach is
far from villainous. Internet gamers and bands interested in a fresh way to brand themselves could
even consider it heroic.

In conjunction with Hail The Villain's debut album
Population: Declining (Roadrunner Records), released
in June, the alternative-metal band turned its Web site into an interactive story with comic book
elements and graphics. is similar to a video game--following a brief intro users can navigate through
character bios, unlock clues and find surprises throughout the journey. If the webcam option is chosen,
users can interact with other fans to "villain-ize" themselves and share photos or videos.

Lyrics from the band's energetic debut ultimately influenced the story while characters evolved from the
four-member band's personalities, experiences and hometown of Oshawa, Ontario. An animated video
for their single "Take Back the Fear," foreshadows the site's storyline and graphics.

Forming in 2003 originally as Farenheit, the Canadian band has recently toured with Sevendust,
performed dates in Asia and is currently part of the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival.

Lead singer Bryan Crouch joined us at the tour's stop in Columbus to discuss the band's multimedia
pursuits, how he spent college loan money to make an album and the motivation behind his personally
revealing, dark lyrics. Crouch also shared the story of his blotched-up right arm tattoo.
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Highlighted Quotes
"I think it takes a special breed of person to
want to do something a little bit over the top
and really push for  boundaries."
"The next record, we gotta do something different.
It's gotta be more unique, more creative.
We've already written a bunch
of that record musically."      
"We always rooted for the villain which is
something that kind of made itself home."
"He [producer] dug deep down and it was tough;
one of the songs I still won't play live ever..."
"It is really personal, it gets to the point where
sometimes I don't even wanna know that I'm
playing it or think about until I become
someone different on stage."
"I met a guy who said he could fix it [tattoo]
and go evil, and he lied.." "I have these hideous, awful
looking tattoos and I think to myself: that's rock-and-roll."
Hail The Villain's Bryan Crouch at UPROAR in Columbus.
See more photos here. Photo by Neil Shumate, OOTB.
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An interview with lead vocalist Bryan Crouch
As Hail The Villain continue to write its next album, the band will finish UPROAR early October and
begin a tour with Disturbed, including an Ohio show Oct. 16 in Cleveland at the Agora.
See all dates here.
(Song clips from Hail The Villain's "Take Back the Fear")
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