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By NEIL SHUMATE  Published: August 17, 2010
Andrew W.K. ready to keep the P-A-R-T-Y going
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Leaving the congested and noisy Warped Tour press room in Cincinnati, I am escorted by a tour
manager upstairs at Riverbend Music Center. I see Andrew W.K., looking down and leaning against the
wall of a hallway as though he partied too hard the night before.

Instead of wearing his on-stage famed clothes of white jeans and white t-shirt, the party hard dude was
dressed in all black--black sunglasses, black gym shorts, a black t-shirt and a solid black baseball cap.

Nonverbal ques prevented casual banter between the Warped headliner and I as we sat across from
each other in brown folding chairs.

The multi-instrumentailist/tv show host/motivational speaker briefly alluded to his
controversial past, but
remained focused on his present and future.
Highlighted Quotes
"It signaled for us in many ways the kind of energy of a new
beginning, of a comeback, of a fresh start where in some
ways it feels like things have been building all to this moment
all along, like the party's getting bigger than ever."
"There's never been explosions of this size and magnitude
with teenagers so close by and I really, really got
excited just from that."   
"The stuff we get to do on this show is the fantasy I had as not
only an 8-year-old guy, but a guy 31-years-old now."
"2010 and 2011 this is the biggest and most exciting time
for me since really I started in 2001."
"If the gods want me to bring the party to the world in this other
way then i'm gonna find another way and I'm gonna do it."
"Now if you're talking about the real uknown that'd be me
going into something like botany or mathematics,
that would be the new frontier."  
"That was a crazy five years. From 2005 to 2010 my life turned
upside I never knew if I would ever make it back again, but
somehow or another we had this other chance and I'm gonna
take it and appreciate it more than ever."
Following the interview we shook hands and discussed my first name, "Neil," which reminded Andrew
W.K. of when he met Neil Young.  He said, "I was afraid he [Young] was going to yell at me for some
reason, but meeting him turned out to be a great experience."

Andrew W.K. has launched a world-wide contest that will give his "party crew" an opportunity to dine
with him in New York City at one of his favorite Manhattan restaurants, where he currently resides.
To register and become a member of his party crew,
visit this link.  

In addition to working on a new album, Andrew W.K. continues to record
Destroy Build Destroy
episodes and has released a music video for "
I Want To See You Go Wild."
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