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Published: February 23, 2010
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Six Gallery launch worldwide tour, release
Photo By Alysse Gafkjen
The five members of Six Gallery will “bid thee farewell” to Ohio fans after Friday’s show
in Columbus and Saturday’s concert in Kent.

The alternative prog-rock Columbus band is preparing to tour nationally through April
followed by an international European tour planned for May.

The tour materialized after Six Gallery was signed by German record label Superball
Music (…Trail of the Dead, Oceansize) in December last year.

“When they talked to us they said: ‘you’re going to be hooked up with EMI worldwide.
You’ll be our first worldwide release on this record label,’” said Ben Schreiber,

The global opportunity was set after Century Media Records made a cooperative deal
with Superball Music and it’s imprint label InsideOut Music.

After the signing, Six Gallery announced the re-release of
Breakthroughs in Modern Art
(previously released June, 2009).  The debut album’s relaunch is set for distribution in
Europe on March 22 and in North America on March 23.

Schreiber said fans can expect a similar track list without bonus song additions.

“We didn’t really want to force anything,” Schreiber said. “As far as the audio elements
are concerned, we’re not going to add anything new.”

The album artwork, however, will be new—designed by acclaimed t-shirt/poster/CD
artist Clinton Reno.  The Columbus artist has worked with Coldplay, Interpol, My
Morning Jacket and many others.

“The album artwork is unbelievably good,” Schreiber said. "Unbelievably good."
Original cover
New cover
Six Gallery formed as an instrumental band in 2005 while
Alex Weinhardt (bass/guitar), Will Vokac (guitar) and
Schreiber were students at Ohio University in Athens.

“I ended up graduating and leaving,” said Schreiber, who
earned a telecommunications management degree.  

Weinhardt stayed with Vokac and they continued working
together as a band, having a goal to add a singer.

Six months later, after living at home and working at a car
wash, Schreiber said he came back to Athens.

“I heard them play and I was like, yep, that’s what I wanna
do,” he said.

Schreiber moved back and the band started playing
shows and recording, eventually making a move to

Following the move, Six Gallery’s original drummer left the
band on good terms to pursue a photography career in Chicago.  The drum spot was
filled by Ben Miller, but the band remained without a vocalist.  

To fill the vocal void, Six Gallery approached former Columbus band Pirate’s vocalist
Daniel J. Francis in 2008.

“I think about a week after that, he [Francis] practiced a couple of times and said he
was in,” Schreiber said.

After writing new songs and practicing for a few months, Six Gallery manager and
album producer Austin Briggs lined up recording time at Central City Recording Studio
in Clintonville, where Miller is VP Technical Ops.

“We basically had three or four months to record
Breakthroughs,” Schreiber said. “We
usually recorded when someone cancelled or if there was a night session. Sometimes
we would start recording at three in the morning.”

Despite the late hours and having equipment stolen during the recording process,
Breakthroughs in Modern Art was released and praised by reviewers.

Schreiber said his music interest began when he was younger. He took guitar lessons
from his parent’s friend for about a month to learn basic sheet music.

“I started getting into Nirvana and saw how he played,” Schreiber said, “which is like
extremely sloppy.  Terrible.” While learning basic power chords he discovered

“Tablatures are easy.  I kind of self-taught myself like that,” he said. “I also listened to
other bands and saw how they played and structured everything. Then I figured it out
and went from there.”
Before becoming Six Gallery’s bass player,
Weinhardt was a drummer in other bands.  
Schreiber said Weinhardt also played bass
in high school.

Vokac is the outcast of Six Gallery because
of his non-traditional guitar playing style,
Schreiber said.

“He taught himself, and the way he plays is
insane,” Schreiber said.  “It doesn’t make
any sense.”

Schreiber said Vokac doesn’t write in time
signature, he tunes his guitar weird, taps it
and plays it like a piano with two hands.

“I lived with him for like three years and he’ll just sit in his room and play for like five
hours a day,” Schreiber said.

Six Gallery’s dedication to music dominates the member’s lives. Schreiber said the
band routinely practices every night in two or three hour sessions.

“We literally spend a ton of time playing music and pursuing that,” he said. “I even kind
of aliened friends all throughout college because of spending time playing music.”

The determination and perseverance has equated to a worldwide tour and a worldwide
album release, including planned album distribution in Hollister stores.  Six Gallery was
also voted by fans as Out Of The Blue's "Best Local Band of 2009."

Last month the band filmed its music video for "A Live Nativity Scene" at Tompkins
Warehouse in Columbus. The video is expected to be released next week.  

"We are excited to see what happens next and meet more fans on tour," Schreiber
said. "Come out, support and check out the record."
Six Gallery with
Afortiori, Slow Claw

When and Where?
Friday, Feb. 26 at
Ravari Room in Columbus

Saturday, Feb. 27 at
Professor's Pub in Kent

Six Gallery won't play a
live gig in Ohio for quite
awhile after these shows.
Photo By Alysse Gafkjen
(12 min 41 sec)
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