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Touring comedian Michael Malone is an Ohio native who was recently announced winner of the
33rd Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition, competing against more than 800 comics
from around the world. Malone has toured for more than 10 years and regularly releases free
Podcasts as "The Michael Malone Show" featuring up and coming comedians, solo artists and
bands. (
Listen, Subscribe, Download) In 2011, Malone debuted at No. 3 with his hit comedy album
Let's Get Physical. (Download) Earlier this month Malone released a new live comedy album titled
Casual Sext that has received phenominal praise. (Download Album, Download Video)
Malone was titled "HOT Comics To Watch For In 2013" by
Campus Activities Magazine.
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It's no secret that I'm obsessed with comedy. I love it as a craft and have an abundance of respect for a lot of the
players out there, but the purpose of this article is to tell you about my hands-down, all-time, top ten favorites to
watch this year. So here they are, in no particular order, top ten comics you should know about:
The Top 10: Comics You Should Know About From 2012
By Michael Malone
1. Vince Morris
Vince is brilliant. Watch him. The end.
No, really. I could just stop there, but I won't. Chances are that you already know Vince—he has a couple "Comedy Central Presents"
specials floating around, a "Def Comedy Jam" episode--hell--he was even on “Sex and the City.” He's a creator. You'll never see the
same show twice, and he's a machine at writing clever, sharp observances that walk a fine line between comedian and philosopher.
2. Ryan Singer
To say Ryan Singer's mind works in mysterious ways would be a HUGE understatement. He creates and dominates his own world on
the stage in which he goes between a Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde transition of characters, voices and off-the-wall bits that are just crazy
enough to make perfect sense. Sometimes it's Dr. Jeckyl telling the jokes, but throughout the set the Mr.Hyde version of Singer takes
over and pushes the show into directions you never knew were possible. His best selling debut album ("How to get high without using
drugs") is proof that no matter who is driving that night, you will arrive at your destination safe and satisfied. But don't just take my word,
check out his newest album "Comedy Wondertown."
3. Ricarlo Flanagan
Ricarlo is, in my opinion, one of the most promising up and coming comedians that I have had the pleasure of working with. He
commands the room with the confidence and control of a veteran, though he's relatively young in his comedy tenure. The second
his foot touches the stage, his swagger puts the audience at ease. He breaks down life fearlessly and will hypnotize you with his
smooth delivery till you're in a laughing fit. Look for this guy in the next year. He's going to be big.
4. Tyler Boeh
Smart, smart, funny and smart. Tyler is a comedian who can take a common topic and give it a new twist. His material has something
for everyone. He writes clean, but don't let that fool you. Originally from Boston, his assertive confidence on stage has the likability of a
the all-star quarterback with the smarts of a mathlete. It doesn't matter if he's talking about marriage, drinking, religion or beat-boxing
his latest sexual escapade, you'll hang on every word and find yourself wanting to carry his books to the next class for him.
5. Brad Williams
Big things do come in small packages. I have never witnessed a stronger crowd reaction at a live show. He brings down the house
with every punch line as if the only joke he knows how to write is a "closer." And the best news! He tours like a mad man, so keep
an eye out, and make sure you catch a live show from Brad Williams.
6. Chris Porter
You already know him, you already love him but don't put him into a box based on his Last Comic Standing material. I recently had
the chance to work with Chris in his home state of Kansas, and he burned the place down. His new material is angry, fast and funny
as f#@*! Look out for this outlaw, he's got the same six shooter but it's back with more dangerous ammo.
7. Collin Moulton
Collin brings an energy to the stage that is unmatched. His broad spectrum of characters and voices transform each joke to an
experience to the point, you swear the character's taken over his body, but right before you reach to call the exorcist, he snaps
back with full control and is rolling to the next punch. His material is clever and an all around blast to watch.
8. Tom Simmons
Much like Vince Morris, Tom also walks that fine line between comedian and philosopher. He has a voracious curiosity only matched
by his knack for making people laugh--and often at themselves. Tom's talent is pointing out the ridiculousness of all we hold dear. He
makes no effort at avoiding comedy's "Don't touch" issues such as religion, politics and other belief systems. He is an equal opportunity
offender, exploring his jokes from every angle with observations that range from goofy to head-scratching brilliance.
9. DJ Dangler
Yes, that's his real name. DJ is a beast in size and ability. DJ Dangler is a rare hybrid breed of comedian who has no problem
connecting across comedy tastes. Put him in an "alternative room," and he blows it up. Put him in front of a more "mainstream"
audience, and there's more of the same. He is one of the most articulate men I've met in my life, and it carries over on stage as a
man who knows how to communicate with any audience in a relateable and smart way.
10. Tyrone Hawkings
Tyrone is a rapid fire guy who will leave your stomach sore at every show. Unlike other comics, he doesn't pause, there's no transitions,
he just throws punchline after punchline after hard hitting punchline. He's like a young boxer in his prime...but with jokes. He doesn't give
you much time to breathe, and he puts on one hell of a show.